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                  For quality, long-lasting light bulbs that are good for the planet and your wallet, take a look at our wide selection of Osram lighting products.

                  Osram bulbs

                  As one of the leading light manufacturers in the world, Osram specialises in both classic light bulbs and those that use cutting-edge technology and design. Established in 1906, Osram continues to pave the way for technological advances in the lighting market with its eco-friendly and energy-saving LED and halogen products.

                  Alternatively, create a softer light in your home with the warm white Osram bulbs, or produce an even cosier ambience with the low wattage frosted bulbs. Both are perfect for the bedroom or if you just have a dark corner of the room that needs a little soft light.

                  Osram LED bulbs

                  The Osram LED light bulbs that we have available at Dunelm, for example, use 90% less energy than standard light bulbs and have a longer life expectancy. What’s more, even a low wattage Osram LED bulb can provide the same brightness as a typical 40 watt bulb.

                  Dunelm also supplies Osram halogen energy saver bulbs in a range of watts and fittings. Halogen bulbs provide a longer, brighter light and have a typical lifespan of two years. You can even purchase Osram halogen bulbs in multi-packs, making them even better value for money.

                  As well as the usual Osram bulbs for your lamps and light fittings, we also stock essentials such as spot lights, fridge bulbs and oven bulbs, as well as intelligent solutions that showcase Osram lighting innovation at its best. For example, the Osram LED Stixx is handy for lighting up those hard-to-reach corners, while the Nightlux Motion Sensor Light is perfect for children or families who have to get up in the night.

                  Browse Osram bulbs and lights online or at your local Dunelm store today.