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OXO specialises in quality kitchen tools and accessories, ideal for all budding chefs. At Dunelm, we are proud of our extensive range of OXO equipment that is practical, stylish and great for making meal preparation easier in the kitchen.

OXO kitchenware has been designed with comfort in mind. When founder Sam Farber noticed that his wife, Betsey, was struggling to use their kitchen tools while suffering from arthritis, he set about gathering a great deal of research and scientific input before launching his first range of ergonomic tools.

Today, OXO continues to assist cooks and chefs with everyday cooking tasks, with their range of kitchen tools and accessories that are designed to be comfortable for the user, while also offering the best possible performance.

OXO kitchen utensils

Our selection of OXO kitchen utensils are must-haves for any kitchen. No home should be without essentials such as the OXO good grips peeler, potato masher and turner, while the garlic press makes easy work of crushing up fresh garlic cloves.

Home bakers will enjoy using OXO utensils such as the OXO good grips spreader, steel whisk and citrus juicer. There’s something for chefs-in-training too, with the OXO good grips digital thermometer and meat tenderiser.

We also stock a selection of OXO storage containers, which are ideal for keeping your food fresh thanks to their airtight seal. They come in a range of sizes so you can store anything from sugar to spaghetti, and feature a unique one-touch button for easier access. What’s more, these OXO pop containers also stack neatly on top of each other, so you can create your very own modular storage system in your cupboard or pantry.

For the finishing touch to your recipes, the OXO good grips salt and pepper grinders are designed ‘upside down’ to prevent spillages, and you can even choose your own coarseness setting.

Browse the selection of OXO kitchen utensils here at Dunelm today and find the right tools for you and your kitchen.