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          T&G Squat Glass Jar with Copper Lid



          Farmstead Preserving Jar

          £0.75 - £1.50


          Kilner Preserve Jar



          Kilner Twist Top Jar



          Kilner Faceted Clip Jar

          £4.00 - £5.00


          Country White Heart Garlic Jar


          was £6.50

          Large Glass Storage Jar with Cork Lid



          Kilner Mini Barrel



          Kilner Universal 0.85 Liter Storage Jar


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          Here at Dunelm we stock a large selection of both stone and glass jars in a wide range of sizes. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

          You can use jars to store just about anything. We’ve got sweet jars, cookie jars, and jam jars, plus plenty of large storage jars to choose from. So when you pick a few up to store the kids’ sweets in, you can treat yourself to one of our beautiful vintage-style jars too.

          Cute and tiny Kilner jars are perfect for your little bits around the kitchen. Or, if you find your cupboards are overflowing, you can pour all that pasta into a large three-litre clip jar to display on your worktop. If making jam is your speciality you can stock up on preserving jars, so your toast toppings will be fresh and delicious for your breakfast. View the full range of jars now.