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            Table Lamps

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            Table Lamps

            Whilst all of our lamps are an ideal means of providing soft lighting, our table lamps are particularly renowned for their charming decorative features. If you are interested in a more subtle presence, a high quality standard lamp will serve its purpose without taking focus away from your existing decor. Our wide range of bedroom lamps are perfect for those late night reading sessions. To make things slightly easier, why not invest in one of our touch lamps which add a stylish element to your bedroom . If you wish to continue a specific colour scheme, we also offer a variety of coloured products, including green, black and even purple table lamps.

            Bring an exotic flourish to your home with our moroccan lamps, perfect for intriguing guests and creating a stunning focal point. If you are after a touch of traditional elegance, why not invest in our beautiful vintage lamps or hurricane lamps, great for evoking a uniquely antiquated ambience. If you are keen to keep your existing lamp shades, we offer a range of ornately crafted and stylishly minimalistic and elegant lamp bases, awaiting personalisation.