Knife Block Set

Our high quality selections of knife block sets cater for every need in the kitchen when preparing food.

With a range of knives to suit every budget, you are sure to find a sturdy and reliable set of tools for all of your chopping needs.

More information on knife block sets

Many of our 5 piece knife sets feature the correct blades for slicing bread, meat, fish, vegetable and fruit. Having the correct knife for each food increases safety and the quality in which you prepare your meal. Our knife blocks are either crafted from wood or plastic and safely house the entire length of all blades, ideal for when small children are close by or if you are working in a confined area. 

Stand your knives upright and save space on your worktop, our well made blocks are designed to last the test of time and continue to look like the day you bought them with just a simple wipe clean. With some of our knife block sets featuring magnetic slot functionality, you can be sure that accidents are much less likely to happen. Available to purchase online today, our knife block sets will be the ideal companion for any domestic culinary creations.