PVC aprons

PVC aprons are a perfect way to keep clothes protected when having fun with your children or doing messy jobs yourself.

Have fun with your children with baking, cooking and arts and crafts in the knowledge that these highly durable PVC aprons can be wiped down and returned to their original state – something that may not be able to be done if it were their clothes.

More information about PVC aprons

Coming in a range of novel character based designs, our children’s PVC aprons will look the part when they are wearing them. Get them excited with the prospect of wearing anything from a caterpillar, tank engine, little princess and many more designs that are sure to capture their attention. 

Keep yourself protected when cooking, baking or enjoying a relaxing session of painting with our adult range of PVC aprons. Our ornate flowers and relaxed backgrounds will look great when wearing them and will stop you having to get changed and put your clothes in the wash when you’re finished. Available to purchase online today, our PVC aprons provide a safety net of protection when having fun either on your own or with your child.