Retractable Washing Line

A retractable washing line adds a huge amount of convenience to more modestly sized gardens.

The ability to hang out a large amount of washing is fantastically convenient, whilst knowing that once you are done, everything winds up into a small and sleekly designed unit is a relief if space is at a premium. With anything up to fifteen metres of washing line at your disposal, large amounts of clothing can be hung at any one time. All of our retractable washing lines can be installed effortlessly, with just a few screws into your wall of choice.

More information about retractable washing lines

Using a clothes line over a tumble dryer has a number of benefits; not only does it save money by not using electrical appliances, but your washing will become infused with the fresh scent of outdoors without any chemicals to do the same job. Line dried washing does not shrink from high heat settings and can reduced the need for ironing if hung neatly to dry.

Eliminate the annoying noise of a mechanical dryer and go au naturel to truly dry you clothes. Available to purchase online today, our ranges of retractable washing lines are sure to impress.