Sandwich Toaster

Sandwich toasters are extremely handy and very efficient, perfect for creating a quick and effortless snack

An ideal addition to all family homes and kitchens, sandwich toasters are the only way to create the perfect toasted sandwich in a number of minutes. Suitable for a variety of different flavours and fillings, our sandwich toasters make it easy to create your favourite freshly toasted and piping hot sandwich. Whether its ham and tomato, cheese and onion or something more weird and wonderful , our sandwich toasters are sure to please with the speedy creation of your number one sandwich any time of the day!

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Our versatile and easy to clean sandwich toasters are available in a choice of designs, from sleek and simple to retro styles, made to fit in with your kitchen decor and existing appliances in a number of different colours.

All of our sandwich toasters are easy to maintain ensuring a speedy and stress free experience throughout its use. As well as being easy to maintain, our sandwich toasters are also easy to store neatly away when not in use.