Spice Jars

Bring a charming finishing touch to your countertops with our stylish spice jars, available to buy online today.

Perfect for keeping your favourite spices fresh and close to hand, our nifty spice jars will make a fantastic addition to your kitchen. Our magnetic spice rack comes complete with six jars, designed with brushed metal bodies and see-through lids so you always know which spices you have placed into each container.

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A clever twist mechanism also gives you the option of sprinkling or pouring your delicious spices to taste. Alternatively, our Jamie Oliver spice jars are fashioned from recycled glass, and come complete in a charming wooden rack. Airtight seals and handy clips ensure your spices will remain fresh and tasty.

Finally, featuring the same air tight seal and clip combination, our large capacity Kilner jars are ideal for storing a particularly hefty portion of your favourite and most frequently used spices. Made from high quality materials, all of our resilient spice jars are durable and long lasting. Simply follow the easy care instructions for your chosen products.