Tea Towel Holder

Hang your kitchen tea towels in style with one of our tea towel holders.

Our metal and plastic designs ensure you have a neat and tidy solution to keeping your tea towels dry and out of the way when space is not in abundance.

More information about tea towel holders

Our metal designs feature easy stick backs that can be put up in a matter of seconds, avoid drilling holes and have a strong fitting that will not fail under the weight of your cloths. Simply thread your tea towels through our design and let them hang neatly and tidily away. 

Alternatively, you can also use our magnetic gripping clips to provide a suitable tea towel holder. Clip them to a fridge or other metal surface and enjoy the ease and convenience of having your towels out of the way yet ready for when you next need them. Both our adhesive metal and magnetic plastics are crafted from hardwearing and durable materials to ensure they last the test of time with just a simple wipe clean. Available to purchase online today, our tea towel holders are a handy addition to your room that will solve a problem you need not live with.