Toddler Duvet

Make the transition with your child to a ‘big kids’ bed with a toddler duvet.

Especially designed with small children in mind, the highly breathable materials will ensure your child continues to get the best chance of a full and satisfying night’s sleep.

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The machine washable feature of our toddler duvets ensure that any little accidents can easily be cared for and the material’s original freshness and cleanliness can be restored. With variable tog ratings, you can choose the perfect thickness of toddler duvet to keep your child cosy or cool depending on the seasons. 

The fluffy synthetic filling in our toddler duvets ensure that air breathes from underneath the covers and does not add any meaningful weight that would disconcert your child as they adapt to a normal bed over a cot. Begin the journey towards nights full of sleep and relaxation and let your child mature at their own pace. Available to purchase online today, our toddler duvet will be the easy way to replace the sleeping experience you child is use to in a comforting and reassuring manner.