Washing Line

Hanging your washing out on a washing line as an alternative to tumble drying is a great way to be eco friendly and get a freshness that can only be found from the great outdoors.

Catch different fragrances from your garden such as the sweet scent of summer flowers or crisp spring breezes with our washing line ranges available in various lengths and designs to suit your space and time constraints.

More information about washing lines

Our rotary washing lines allow you plenty of room to hang all sorts of clothes and sheets with ease. Easy to operate and clean, these washing lines should last a long time, many products coming with a multiple year guarantee. These rotary lines are designed to be folded up and stored away effortlessly during winter months ready to be used again when temperatures become favourable once more.

We also supply other washing line solutions for households with slightly less space or unorthodox layouts. Our retractable washing lines contract away into a reel attached to your wall after use, getting rid of unsightly washing lines and creating more space at the same time. These lines are suitable for use both indoors and out and are incredibly easy to install. Available to buy online today, our washing lines will add convenience to your life and give a burst of extra freshness to your clothes.