Wooden Wall Art

Inject a sense of fun and wit to your room with our selections of wooden wall art.

Our ranges of wooden wall art feature mainly novel designs that incorporate written word design features to add humour and interest to your walls.

More information about wooden wall art

With a number of quotes and large phrases displayed on blocks of our high quality wood, you can express your feelings and thoughts through the medium of your new additions. With varying colours and sizes, you can choose your ideal wooden wall art to blend into your existing decor and colour scheme, whilst allowing you to enjoy them the moment you put them up on the wall. 

Ideal for a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, these humorous pieces of wooden wall art will make guests, friends and family smile and radiate charm and warmth wherever they are placed. Our high quality woods are hardwearing and durable and will ensure they prove to be long lasting and continue to look like the day you bought them with just a simple wipe clean. Available to purchase online today alongside our other art and furnishings collections, our wooden wall art makes the perfect new item to change the look of a room instantly.