A Few Wellbeing Tips For World Mental Health Day

Our mental health and physical health aren’t really that different – we all have both, they both need the right fuel and exercise to do their best, and sometimes they need extra effort to help them improve. In honour of World Mental Health Day on Thursday 10th October, we’re sharing a few quick tips that help us when we’re feeling overwhelmed.


Get organised


Make a list breaking down everything you need to do, and it’ll be easier to tackle your tasks. You can start with something easier to ease in, and alternate dull tasks with interesting ones to keep the momentum going.


When you have something big on your metaphorical plate, breaking it down into steps can make overwhelming tasks much more manageable. You’ll also get the satisfaction of ticking things off your list.


Get active


You don’t need an intensive workout to reap the benefits of an active lifestyle, even a brisk 10 minute walk can help clear your mind and help you feel calmer.


But remember to take a break too


…and take them regularly. Change what you’re doing or just take a breather – short strolls or making hot drinks make great mini breaks.


List your achievements


Even on those days when you feel unproductive, you’ve still achieved something. Make a list of everything you’ve achieved that day and make sure you including things we usually overlook like cooking, showering, or food shopping.


Talk about it


Sharing your concerns with someone else can give you new ideas and solutions you might not have considered alone, and problems often feel less daunting once they’re out in the open.


Get some sleep


Feeling tired can make the smallest tasks troublesome, so getting a good night’s sleep is the best gift you can give yourself. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but there are lots of ways to create a calming environment like using low lighting, blackout blinds and soothingly scented reed diffusers. Speaking of which…


Create a calming space


Whether your calm space is your bedroom, bathroom or your favourite spot in the living room, tailor it to your needs with comforting textures, calming scents and relaxing lighting.


Do something just for you


Whether it’s taking 10 minutes to meditate or running yourself a bubble bath, take a little time to focus on yourself every day.


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