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Tidy Home Tidy Mind – Tips from Style Sisters

Have you ever struggled to get to sleep because niggling chores are on your mind? Our new research has found out that almost a third of us are getting up in the middle of the night to tackle the housework, and 64% of us admit we can’t relax in the evening if they haven’t cleared up after their evening meal. We’ve partnered with Gemma and Charlotte from the Instagram account Style Sisters, who have kindly shared their tips and tricks to create a more mindful and organised space.

Dunelm Storage

Create a colourful new aesthetic using storage

Clearing up your belongings may not be fun, but the storage you choose can be. Pick attractive slimline coat hangers for your wardrobe makeover or choose colourful storage dividers that double up as bookcases to add some personality to your bedroom. Not only will this allow you to fit lots more into your home – they look great!

Fabric boxes are an inexpensive way of arranging and organising cupboards and bookcases, plus they come in different sizes so can fit into cosy flats just as easily as larger homes.

Our pick of products:
• Pearl White Room Divider Bookcase £169
• Disney Star Wars Pack of 2 Collapsible Storage Boxes £10
• Set of 5 Wooden Blush Pink Coat Hangers £4
• Pack Of 10 Copper Hangers £3
• Multi Coloured Pom Pom Storage Basket £10

Dunelm Bedroom

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum (pack)!

Use vacuum sealed storage bags to store your seasonal clothing. This creates more space in drawers and wardrobes for those thick jumpers that are currently needed and is also a great way to keep the kids’ clothes safely stored away. Store ball gowns and delicate items of clothing in dress clothing covers to protect them in the wardrobe. Jumbo bags don’t have to be plain plastic either – try one with a coloured lid to coordinate with your bedroom accessories.

Travel roll storage bags are a great way to cram three or four extra dresses into your holiday suitcase – also perfect for mid-season trips where you’re not quite sure what the weather will look like! Drawer dividers are also a great way to keep smaller items neat and tidy, try separating your socks from your tights for more organised living and to speed up your morning routine.

Our pick of products:
• Set of Two Vacuum Storage Bags £6
• Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag £3.50
• Set of Two Vacuum Travel Roll Storage Bags £6
• Jumbo Bag Grey £4
• Set of 2 Dress Covers £3
• Underwear Organiser £5

Dunelm Baskets

Keep items high and low in the home

Multi-purpose wicker baskets are eco-friendly and sustainable and they are also really trendy at the moment. They can be a great way to store cute toys and accessories, keeping your home stylish and tidy.

Placing items you only occasionally need on top of wardrobes, in storage baskets, is a useful trick to make everything look nice and organised. Under-bed storage bags are a great way to store items in an otherwise unused space. Making use of the high and low storage points in your home is a great way of using your space in a satisfying way.

Extendable shoe racks are a great way to get triple the number of shoes in one space and can be placed neatly at the bottom of the wardrobe beneath your hanging items. Or helpfully in a hallway.

Our Pick Of Products:
• Seagrass Tapered Basket £8
• Cotton Rope Grey Storage Basket £15
• 3 Tier Extendable Shoe Rack £10
• Underbed Storage Bag £3

Tidy Home, Tidy Mind – Tips from Dr Dawn Harper

Have you ever struggled to sleep because niggling chores are on your mind? Our new research has found out that almost a third of us are getting up in the middle of the night to tackle the housework, with 64% of us admitting we can’t relax in the evening if we haven’t cleared up after their evening meal. We’ve partnered with GP, television presenter and Dunelm ambassador Dr Dawn Harper to bring you her top tips to making your home a more mindful space.

Dunelm Hallway

Welcome home!

On entering your front door, a trail of shoes, socks and other quick outfit changes littered from the morning is never a good way to unwind. You want to start your evening within a sanctuary, so invest in shelves or boxes, along with extra coat hooks near the front door, to house all of the options you might need for quick weather changes this season.

Before going about the rest of your evening, avoid extra time cleaning by investing in a dirt-trapping door mat, keeping the rest of your flooring free from further mess.

Our pick of products:

Baskets, baskets and more baskets

Kitchens are the quickest spaces to become cluttered, with a fifth of people admitting their storage solutions are in disarray, and almost 80% of people battling with constant crumb sweeping. With the amount of pots, pans, utensils and cutlery required for just one meal, drawers and cupboards are particular mess-magnets, so optimise storage space with removable boxes and baskets, making items easier to find and transport from room to room.

For larger households, consider a designated basket per family member, and make them personalised for added style and a fun craft activity for kids. Not only does it encourage tidiness, but also makes everything easier to find – if you find a rogue toy, just pop it in the basket!

Our pick of products:

Dunelm Living

Create a liveable living room

Unwinding with a good book or magazine is a great way to shake off the day, so be sure to use shelving or storage racks to organise and make it easy for you to pick your relaxation technique of choice. Keep in mind that as the new additions roll in, be sure to pop old copies in the recycling to keep your lounge decluttered.

If you prefer to unwind with the latest box set, a new film release, or scroll through social media, don’t let the increasing amount of technology in your home overwhelm you. Invest in an attractive basket or container for a coffee/side table to keep remotes and chargers organised and accessible, without skimping on style.

The environment we spend the most time in has a huge effect on our levels of relaxation, and decor is a huge factor in keeping this as an ongoing mindset. Cushions and throws keep the room cosy and coordinated, with faux flowers and plants putting a spring in your home’s step, without the required upkeep.

Our pick of products:

Dunelm Bedroom

Finishing your day with a stress-free sleep

Prepare for a relaxing sleep with a scented candle and dim lighting, and considering blackout blinds or curtains for the summer months when the sun’s light can disrupt usual sleep patterns. Similarly, try a digital detox before bedtime, as both natural and unnatural light disrupt the sleep hormone, and therefore is the key to being well rested.

Our pick of products:

At Home With @vixmeldrew

After moving from the hustle and bustle of London city life to the idyllic Kent countryside, we caught up with blogger and community creator Vix Meldrew on all things home, bedroom bliss and Vix’s favourite Dunelm pieces.

After making the move over six months ago, Vix and her husband Ben have settled into their new home well and have welcomed a new addition to their family, Olive the cockapoo! She’s very cute, and greeted us with lots of puppy cuddles when we entered Vix’s beautiful home.

At Home With Vix (1)

As you step through the front door there is a spacious kitchen/diner/living space, which is perfect for Olive to run around in. Vix likes that the multipurpose space always conversation flow – Ben could be cooking and Vix could be relaxing on the sofa, and they can still catch up about how their day has been.

The living room features spacious patio doors with floor to ceiling curtains, which frame the glass perfectly. At the breakfast bar are our Pax Rattan Bar Chairs, effortlessly bringing natural textures into the room and make informal dining look smart. In the breakfast area there is a gold bar trolley that is decorated with matching gold glasses for added sparkle.

At Home With Vix (3)

As it’s a new build home, fitted wardrobes came with the space which is a massive benefit for keeping the space clear and tidy. But for extra storage and a TV stand our Rumi Chest of Drawers is the perfect match to the bedroom decor.

After wanting to put their own stamp on the house and add character, Vix and Ben made the decision to paint a feature wall dark green, which adds a sense of calm to their tranquil space. Our Rumi Bedside Tables match the chest on the opposite side of the room, and perched perfectly on top is our Odisha Monkey Lamp which brings cosiness to the room on in the evenings.

At Home With Vix (2)

Describing the way her bedroom feels, Vix tells us her bedroom has to be calming as she goes there to relax when she’s done with the day. The bedroom is really switch off time for herself and Ben, so candles and lamps are the perfect finishing touch.

If you’d like to see more from Vix and Olive, keep your eyes peeled over at our IGTV. Don’t forget to tag us in any photos of your home using #MyDunelm.

At Home With @cake_away_cancer

Cake Away Cancer

Chloe was diagnosed with CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) when her daughter, Darcy, was just nine months old. After scouring the internet for information on other people’s journeys with this condition and finding nothing, Chloe set up her blog Cake Away Cancer, as a kind of therapy for herself and to raise awareness of her condition. We caught up with Chloe in as part of our At Home With series to discuss all things baking, hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning and living with cancer.

Cake Away Cancer

Chloe’s love for baking comes from her wonderful grandma. Chloe reminisces about the time she spent with her grandmother over the school holidays as a child, watching her grandma potter around the kitchen.

Cakes are Chloe’s favourite thing to bake as she just loves cake. Her favourite baked treats are Victoria sponge, shortbread, fruit cake and chocolate Rice Krispie cakes, and she loves decorating the finished products – she loves breaking out the piping nozzles, fondant creations and tiered masterpieces!

Dunelm & Macmillan

Charity and giving back are very close to Dunelm’s and Chloe’s heart. During the past year of Dunelm’s partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support, we have raised an amazing £650,000 to date. With the famed Macmillan Coffee Morning being a key fundraiser for them, and Macmillan helping Chloe through her diagnosis with online and personal support, we chatted about how important and fun they are to run and be a part of.

As Chloe loves to bake, being a part of the Macmillan Coffee Mornings was a no-brainer, combining her passions to successfully raise awareness and a substantial amount of money for the cause. Chloe’s top tips for hosting a successful Coffee Morning are:

  • Bake it or fake it – every contribution helps
  • Keep the coffee and tea flowing
  • Most importantly – have fun with it!

If you’re interested in getting involved but you’re not sure where to start, don’t forget that Macmillan will send you an amazing pack with everything you need to get started!

Cake Away Cancer

After renovating and living in a few houses previously, Chloe proudly calls this her ‘forever home’, and she and her husband have been busy renovating their beautiful house into their dream home.

Downstairs you’ll find a beautiful open-plan living space with an area for baking, dining and relaxing. With yellow being Chloe’s favourite colour she has accessorised the neutral tones with accents of yellow, grey and light oak wood. We love how tranquil the space is with new additions to the room like our Fulton Coffee Nest and Hello Sunshine Cushion taking centre-stage.

Cake Away Cancer

Low lighting is Chloe’s preference and the Katara Table Lamps finish off the bedside tables perfectly. Chloe creates her own blissful bedroom using Plain Dye White Bedding as a base, layered up with textured cushions and a snuggly Teddy Throw.

Chloe’s favourite way to relax and unwind in the evening is in the bath with a glass of wine and a good book. Her must-haves for creating the perfect spa-throom include candles, a bath rack and a sumptuous towel to wrap herself in.

If you’d like to see more from Chloe, watch our IGTV below! Don’t forget to tag us in any photos of your home using #MyDunelm.

At Home With @eli_at_home

Dunelm Mindful Bedroom

Nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside, Elisha lives with her husband and two daughters in a home adorned with bright colours, bold patterns and stylish accents. We popped in to discuss all things kids storage, interior design and her must-have items.

Dunelm Kids Bedroom

Elisha’s youngest daughter, Daisy, told us all about how she adores unicorns and how much she loves her all-important dressing gown. The magic doesn’t end there though, and next to Daisy’s bed are her unicorn storage boxes, which double up as handy bedside table. Elisha maximises the space in Daisy’s room and helps to keep things tidy with the help of underbed storage, stylish storage bags and a tower to keep Daisy’s toys organised.

On the wall there is a chalkboard for Daisy to draw to her heart’s content, and we were lucky enough to get a live demo, with Daisy writing her name and drawing a picture. Daisy can easily create new art to overlook the unicorn table that sits beside it, and her adorable kid-sized Isla chair which she describes as a diamond.

Dunelm Kids

The heart of Elisha’s home is her bedroom – a tranquil sleep sanctuary where she likes to curl up and read a book. On the wall we spotted our Maui self adhesive wallpaper, which really adds to the botanical feel of the room. Elisha has paired the leafy wallpaper with plain dye pink bedding, as one of her top tips is to balance out bold wallpaper with solid colour accessories. The bedroom is calm and clutter-free as Elisha uses her fourth bedroom as a wardrobe. On the bedside table, our Odisha monkey lamp adds a warming glow to the tropical haven she’s created.

Dunelm Mindful Bedroom

The social hub of the home is the kitchen, and a neon light stands proudly over the cooker with a chalkboard wall acts as a practical cooker splashback. Elisha’s must-haves for the space include the all-important kettle, a good pan set and bees wax wraps as they’re the perfect reusable and eco-friendly staple for kids lunches and summer picnics.

Dunelm Bees Wax Wraps

If you’d like to see more from Elisha and Daisy, watch our IGTV below. Don’t forget to tag us in any photos of your home using #MyDunelm.

Christmas At Home With @la_sidhu

At Home With La Sidhu

Natasha lives in London with her husband Ryan and their bearded dragon, Inka. As a lover of all things botanical, Natasha would describe her style as ‘desert jungle’. We popped round to discuss all things plants and how she’s hosting an alternative Christmas this year!

Natasha is crazy about foliage and flowers, owning around 300-400 real and faux plants, so it’s no surprise that the approach to her home features a stylish rockery filled with succulents.

The desert jungle begins outside and continues behind the front door. Natasha and Ryan’s home greets us with a feeling of calm, and walls painted in a dusky beige shade that mimics the golden sands of the Sahara. Just a few steps and we’re into the living room – AKA cacti haven.At Home With La Sidhu

Not one for a traditional Christmas, Natasha’s plants are getting a festive makeover this year! The cactus next to the sofa has become the Christmas tree, decorated in warm white lights and festive hanging stars – Christmas has never looked so good!

The warmth and texture continues throughout the home, where rattan cushions are mixed with stylish faux fur cushions and throws in different patterns and styles.

At Home With La Sidhu

On Christmas morning, Natasha and Ryan start the day off with a big breakfast and put on some festive music – The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York is their tune of choice! Then they go onto opening their presents, popping open the Prosecco and dancing in their pyjamas.

For their Christmas feast, Natasha has carried the desert jungle theme through to the dining table and adorned it with succulents and terracotta pots. Finishing touches are what makes the dining table special. From the candle holders to stylish dinnerware we’re obsessed with the table’s gold and greenery theme!

At Home With La Sidhu (2)

Natasha has kept her upstairs décor true to her jungle theme, adding the perfect combination of colour and texture with our Paprika Plain Dye bedding and faux fur throw.

At Home With La Sidhu


If you’d like to see more from Natasha, watch the IGTV below. Don’t forget to tag us in any photos of your cosy home using #MyDunelm

Christmas At Home With @thesilvermermaidxo

Katie and Russ live in a new build in the Midlands with their adorable french bulldog puppy, Hugo. We popped around for a festive natter to discuss all things Christmas, cosying up their home for winter and their decorating style.

One step into the living room of Katie and Russ’ home and you’re greeted with a stylish gallery wall and an inviting corner sofa. The pair have settled on their style of pinks and greys, making our Dreamscape trend a perfect match for their Christmas decor.

Christmas At Home With thesilvermermaidxo

Living Room

Katie and Russ have previously rented a house but bought their first home together this year. So this Christmas will be the first time they have the freedom to decorate how they want.

Frozen pinks and ice tones complement the living room and our 6ft Snowdusted Pine Tree takes centre stage, and Hugo too of course! Decorated with warm white lights and Dreamscape baubles, their Christmas tree perfectly sets the scene for their winter wonderland.

Alphabet candles frame their circular shelf and add a festive warmth to the room. A decorative flower arrangement adds colour, and there are already a few stylishly wrapped presents sat under the tree in anticipation – this visit is really getting us excited for the big day!

Christmas At Home With thesilvermermaidxo


Hosting is a big part of Christmas Day and Katie and Russ have everything in hand with their Denby Dining Set, which matches the feature wall in their kitchen-diner perfectly. Our Pine and Eucalyptus Garland is laid out on the table to act as a runner, with gold cutlery and pink cushions finishing off the table effortlessly.

Their top tip for hosting the big day is to make sure you have enough supplies! From drinks to nibbles, you don’t want to leave your guests wanting more. At Christmas more than any other time, there’s no such thing as too many snacks!

Christmas At Home With thesilvermermaidxo


When it comes to Christmas baking, Russ takes the reins and although he loves getting stuck in to making something, he loves eating his bakes more! Why not try giving the gift of homemade this year with our festive baking tins? We’re sure Russ would try if he didn’t eat them first!

If you’d like to see more from Katie and Russ, watch the video below! Don’t forget to tag us in your photos of your cosy homes using #MyDunelm.

5 Tips to Refresh Your Decor This Winter with @houseninety7

Dunelm Cosy Bedroom (5)

In our latest catalogue we caught up with Jade and Daniel from Instagram page @houseninety7, to chat all things renovation, how to get your home ready for winter and much more. With a little help from Dunelm, they have transformed their living room and bedroom from summer to winter.

In the living room

Dunelm Cosy Living Room (1)
@houseninety7 before shot

Sitting proudly in Jade and Daniel’s living room is our Rupert 2 Seater Sofa in Grey with an accent pink throw, a gallery wall and a decorative sideboard. With the living room being the heart of the home, they wanted to amp up the cosy factor for winter and they have achieved just that!

Dunelm Cosy Living Room (5)
@houseninety7 after shot

With the addition of oversized cushions, faux fur and fluffy textures they have created a space to snuggle up and get cosy in front of the fire.

Step 1 – Nothing says winter more than snuggly faux fur!

Step 2 – No sofa is complete without a variety of cushions. Opt for warmer seasonal shades for a bold contrast.

Step 3Candles! Not only can they add a great scent, they provide warmth and atmosphere too.

Step 4 – Turn off the big light and try a table lamp instead. They look good they bring just the right amount of light to a room.

Step 5 – Grab a slice of cake, pop the TV on and get cosy!

Cosy Living Room 7

In the bedroom

Dunelm Cosy Bedroom (1)

With a striking teal wall with complementary grey and wooden furniture, Jade and Daniel’s bedroom is the place that they relax and unwind from the stress of the day. In five simple steps they have amped up the cosy factor and made a space they can both enjoy.

Dunelm Cosy Bedroom (3)
@houseninety7 after shot

Step 1Bedding! Choose a style that suits your decor, whether it’s something plain that complements your walls or a subtle pattern. Our Teddy Bear Collection is ideal for colour choice and incredible comfort.

Step 2Lighting is everything. Try a stylish lamp for ambience instead of turning on the big light.

Step 3Throws, throws and more throws! Nothing makes winter better than being snuggled up in an abundance of layers.

Step 4 – Fairy lights are a quick and easy way to add cosiness to any room!

Step 5 – Grab the popcorn and put a film on, the perfect way to end any day.

Dunelm Cosy Bedroom

If you want to see more from Jade and Daniel then watch our video with them below! Don’t forget to tag us in your cosy creations using the #MyDunelm.

A Q&A with Caprice Bourret

As an award-winning supermodel, businesswoman and philanthropist, Caprice Bourret has appeared on more than 350 magazine covers around the world. After shooting to fame in the 1990s she became ‘one of the most photographed women in the world’, and turned her entrepreneurial and performing instincts to music and acting.

Today, Caprice is known for her business acumen, having founded ‘By Caprice’ in 2006. The brand has gone onto become hugely successful and she has built up the business from a popular lingerie line before expanding into homewares. Known for its glamour, design, originality and high quality, Dunelm is incredibly proud to offer By Caprice Home in stores and online.

We caught up with Caprice to find out more about the By Caprice Home collections, what inspires her, and how she goes about styling her own home.

What inspired the range?

I have an amazing design team that is primarily inspired by trends on the catwalk and colours and techniques that have sold well for us previously… we listen and learn from our customers and adapt according.

What’s your favourite room in your home?

My favourite room is my bedroom of course!  There is nothing better than cosying up I bed watching Netflix and a good movie.  My kids love watching movies on a Saturday.

What would be your top 3 décor tips?

1. Don’t be afraid to be bold!  Add a pop of colour with flowers, artwork and cushions. Your room will look stunning with these carefully placed pieces. 

2. Cleverly use mirrors and lightening to make room looks bigger and more appealing. Mirrors are often used in interior design, in fact it is sometimes the designer’s secret weapon. Simply by placing a lamp in front of a hanging wall mirror, not only will you be making the space appear larger in daylight, but the lamp will create beautiful reflections and add drama.

3. Entice the scenes – Your home should look stylish, represent who you are but must be cosy too! After all, your home is your personal space to rejuvenate. Create a relaxing atmosphere with plants, candles, cozy throws and scents. If you have the cash to splash, invest in a fireplace, it will really create a homely atmosphere but also can be a feature point for your room.

This super sparkly Princess Bedding Collection is Caprice’s favourite from the range.

What is your favourite product from Dunelm?

My Princess bedding range of course!  It is the ultimate in glamour and opulence. Beautiful sequins adorn the duvet in blocks which just adds to the effect. I am also loving your Fitzgerald Collection of stunning art deco inspired mirrored furniture and have been eyeing up a few things!  

Where do you get your interior inspiration from?

My personal home inspo is minimal, functional with hints of glitz and glamour. 

I prefer the look and feel of a room to be lived in and family friendly (child and dog proof basically!) but I also incorporate some ornate pieces – whether that be furniture or decorative to add a luxurious quality to each section of the house. 

My bedroom, for example, is white – white walls, washed out flooring and a white leather sofa. We have a beautiful solid oak bed frame which I bought over from the States – that now is also painted white! But to really glam up the space I have lots of sparkly shams and cushions scattered over the bed. A faux fur throw is also across the end of my bed.

I also love lighting, mirrors and wall art to bring each room alive. I can mix things up each season then to keep everything fresh and new.

Has your interior style changed over time or has it stayed the same?

I feel everyone’s style changes over the years. My old home used to be ornate and there were lots of heavier and darker materials and hues. I think you need to adapt your style to what also suits your current home style. Also, when you have children you can’t get too precious!

How would you describe your bedding collection with Dunelm?

It is the ultimate in glamour and originality. We use the newest techniques and finest materials. There are lots of sequins and beautiful luxe materials.

Describe the interior style of your home?

White, grey and black are the key colours throughout every room in our home. I also love artwork and this brings a pop colour into each room. Lighting is a big feature in our home and it really adds depth and warmth to our space. 

Check out the By Caprice Home range here >

7 Ways to Style Your Sheepskin Rug

Dunelm Sheepskin Rugs

Versatile, stylish and a warm addition to any room – sheepskin rugs are the accessory of the moment. We have so many colours and styles to choose from, and whether you’re looking for a single, double or quad pelt, have the inspiration and tips you need to help you decorate your home with these fabulously fashionable and practical pieces.


Sheepskin rugs work exceptionally well on hard floors and will add some serious comfort factor. If you have carpet, it will work even better to add the ultimate cosy under-foot experience.


If you have empty space in a hallway or a landing, pop a rug down. Sheepskins are great for making a glamorous statement that will wow your guests (and be a nice treat for you). Don’t forget to put an anti-slip mat underneath, to stop your rug from sliding around!

Dunelm Blush Sheepskin Rug
Our fabulous Instagram accounts showcasing their sheepskin style. Left: @lanni_x and Right: @life_at_number_63

Kids’ Dens

No den would be complete without a cosy touch, so why not layer up faux fur cushions with a sheepskin rug. Be careful though – with a hangout space so comfortable, they’ll never want to leave!

Upholstering (the lazy way)

Refresh seating and give furniture a new lease of life by covering them with a casually thrown sheepskin. Seat pads and pouffes would be a great option too!


Add comfort to your home office by draping sheepskin rugs over chairs. Not only will it add the comfort factor – it will look chic and stylish too!

Dunelm Sheepskin Rugs
Our fabulous Instagram accounts showcasing their sheepskin style. Left: @stonecropinterior and Right: @pinkpeonyhome


Create a cosy nook by the front door with a bench layered with sheepskin, so your guests can take their shoes off in comfort. Practical and stylish!


It’s the age of social media and creating picture-perfect images is on everyone’s mind. Sheepskin rugs make a great backdrop for a variety of styles – why not give it a go?

We would love to see how you style sheepskin in your home, tag us @DunelmUK with the #MyDunelm. We can’t wait to see them!