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A Q&A with Caprice Bourret

As an award-winning supermodel, businesswoman and philanthropist, Caprice Bourret has appeared on more than 350 magazine covers around the world. After shooting to fame in the 1990s she became ‘one of the most photographed women in the world’, and turned her entrepreneurial and performing instincts to music and acting.

Today, Caprice is known for her business acumen, having founded ‘By Caprice’ in 2006. The brand has gone onto become hugely successful and she has built up the business from a popular lingerie line before expanding into homewares. Known for its glamour, design, originality and high quality, Dunelm is incredibly proud to offer By Caprice Home in stores and online.

We caught up with Caprice to find out more about the By Caprice Home collections, what inspires her, and how she goes about styling her own home.

What inspired the range?

I have an amazing design team that is primarily inspired by trends on the catwalk and colours and techniques that have sold well for us previously… we listen and learn from our customers and adapt according.

What’s your favourite room in your home?

My favourite room is my bedroom of course!  There is nothing better than cosying up I bed watching Netflix and a good movie.  My kids love watching movies on a Saturday.

What would be your top 3 décor tips?

1. Don’t be afraid to be bold!  Add a pop of colour with flowers, artwork and cushions. Your room will look stunning with these carefully placed pieces. 

2. Cleverly use mirrors and lightening to make room looks bigger and more appealing. Mirrors are often used in interior design, in fact it is sometimes the designer’s secret weapon. Simply by placing a lamp in front of a hanging wall mirror, not only will you be making the space appear larger in daylight, but the lamp will create beautiful reflections and add drama.

3. Entice the scenes – Your home should look stylish, represent who you are but must be cosy too! After all, your home is your personal space to rejuvenate. Create a relaxing atmosphere with plants, candles, cozy throws and scents. If you have the cash to splash, invest in a fireplace, it will really create a homely atmosphere but also can be a feature point for your room.

This super sparkly Princess Bedding Collection is Caprice’s favourite from the range.

What is your favourite product from Dunelm?

My Princess bedding range of course!  It is the ultimate in glamour and opulence. Beautiful sequins adorn the duvet in blocks which just adds to the effect. I am also loving your Fitzgerald Collection of stunning art deco inspired mirrored furniture and have been eyeing up a few things!  

Where do you get your interior inspiration from?

My personal home inspo is minimal, functional with hints of glitz and glamour. 

I prefer the look and feel of a room to be lived in and family friendly (child and dog proof basically!) but I also incorporate some ornate pieces – whether that be furniture or decorative to add a luxurious quality to each section of the house. 

My bedroom, for example, is white – white walls, washed out flooring and a white leather sofa. We have a beautiful solid oak bed frame which I bought over from the States – that now is also painted white! But to really glam up the space I have lots of sparkly shams and cushions scattered over the bed. A faux fur throw is also across the end of my bed.

I also love lighting, mirrors and wall art to bring each room alive. I can mix things up each season then to keep everything fresh and new.

Has your interior style changed over time or has it stayed the same?

I feel everyone’s style changes over the years. My old home used to be ornate and there were lots of heavier and darker materials and hues. I think you need to adapt your style to what also suits your current home style. Also, when you have children you can’t get too precious!

How would you describe your bedding collection with Dunelm?

It is the ultimate in glamour and originality. We use the newest techniques and finest materials. There are lots of sequins and beautiful luxe materials.

Describe the interior style of your home?

White, grey and black are the key colours throughout every room in our home. I also love artwork and this brings a pop colour into each room. Lighting is a big feature in our home and it really adds depth and warmth to our space. 

Check out the By Caprice Home range here >

7 Ways to Style Your Sheepskin Rug

Dunelm Sheepskin Rugs

Versatile, stylish and a warm addition to any room – sheepskin rugs are the accessory of the moment. We have so many colours and styles to choose from, and whether you’re looking for a single, double or quad pelt, have the inspiration and tips you need to help you decorate your home with these fabulously fashionable and practical pieces.


Sheepskin rugs work exceptionally well on hard floors and will add some serious comfort factor. If you have carpet, it will work even better to add the ultimate cosy under-foot experience.


If you have empty space in a hallway or a landing, pop a rug down. Sheepskins are great for making a glamorous statement that will wow your guests (and be a nice treat for you). Don’t forget to put an anti-slip mat underneath, to stop your rug from sliding around!

Dunelm Blush Sheepskin Rug
Our fabulous Instagram accounts showcasing their sheepskin style. Left: @lanni_x and Right: @life_at_number_63

Kids’ Dens

No den would be complete without a cosy touch, so why not layer up faux fur cushions with a sheepskin rug. Be careful though – with a hangout space so comfortable, they’ll never want to leave!

Upholstering (the lazy way)

Refresh seating and give furniture a new lease of life by covering them with a casually thrown sheepskin. Seat pads and pouffes would be a great option too!


Add comfort to your home office by draping sheepskin rugs over chairs. Not only will it add the comfort factor – it will look chic and stylish too!

Dunelm Sheepskin Rugs
Our fabulous Instagram accounts showcasing their sheepskin style. Left: @stonecropinterior and Right: @pinkpeonyhome


Create a cosy nook by the front door with a bench layered with sheepskin, so your guests can take their shoes off in comfort. Practical and stylish!


It’s the age of social media and creating picture-perfect images is on everyone’s mind. Sheepskin rugs make a great backdrop for a variety of styles – why not give it a go?

We would love to see how you style sheepskin in your home, tag us @DunelmUK with the #MyDunelm. We can’t wait to see them!


The Pink Living Room: Get The Meknis’ Look

Our new TV adverts show real people in their real homes. As one of our featured families, The Meknis let us peek into their home to see how they’ve styled their Dunelm purchases and made us a part of their life. We also got some insight into how they’ve made a pale pink and white colour scheme work in their busy family living room.

Family is everything to teenage sweethearts, Tarak and Ami Mekni, and with five children they certainly have their hands full! This doesn’t mean they’ve compromised on interior style, using a prominent theme of pink and white in their home which gives the space a bright and light feel (much to Tarak’s bemusement). Here is a sneak peek into their home, with helpful styling tips on the way – to help you achieve their softly shaded but highly functional family space.

The Meknis’ living room is the centre of their home – a place where life happens and they feel most at home. Their sofa is the hub of the room and the key factor behind choosing their sofa was that they all had to fit on it – success!

Tip: Throws amp-up the cosy factor on sofas and they’re also a stylish way to protect the sofa from sticky fingers. Dunelm The Mekni's (1)

Ami loves cushions, with pattern and texture being absolutely crucial for her family, due to the five pairs of potentially sticky hands! Ami has used white and grey cushions to complement the pink perfectly and add depth to the colour palette.

With five young children, storing all of their bits and bobs can be tricky. The Meknis have utilised their storage space with the Lucy Cane Storage Bench, which Tarik describes as being “full of life” as it houses all of the kids’ toys.

Tip: Benches are a great way to store anything, they can also double up as a comfortable seat so are perfect for hallways.

Dunelm The Mekni's (2)

With a unique aesthetic throughout, the Meknis’ home reflects their personality, style and their loving family. They’ve balanced their lifestyle needs with a blend of traditional and shabby chic style to create their perfect space.

Shop The Meknis’ Look >

An Eclectic Mix: Get Ed & Emma’s Look

Dunelm Ed and Emma

Our new TV adverts show real people in their real homes, and we’ve loved seeing how our designs have added to the look and feel of their rooms.

Ed and Emma (and Kit the cat) are one of our featured families, and we’re so excited for you to get to know them!

Having recently bought their first home together, Emma and Ed and are still figuring out how to reflect both of their tastes. Emma is quirky and eclectic in style while Ed is more minimalist and likes to create a look that flows throughout rooms, which means they’ve had to employ some creative thinking to get the balance just right. A gallery wall and a vibrant chair make a statement in their home, while monkey trinkets and faux plants add colour, texture and interest.

Here is a sneak peek into their home, with helpful styling tips along the way – to help you achieve their look.

Dunelm Emma and Ed (1)

Like a lot of us, the heart of Emma and Ed’s home is their living room. It’s here they spend evenings relaxing watching TV, curling up on the sofa or just spending time with together, so you can see the love and attention to detail that has been given to this space.

As a space it needs to be practical and stylish, and Emma and Ed have used a modern looking Fulton Bookcase to house books, photographs and keepsakes which combines storage and display space perfectly.

Colour plays a big part in their bold look, and their use of a vibrant yellow accent shade contrasts with the blue and neutral base to create fun and stylish finish. They make it look easy with a striking yellow chair and carry on that accent with smaller accessories.

Tip: If statement seating isn’t for you, cushions are a great way to add a pop of colour. Layer them on the sofa with different textures and patterns for a vibrant, contrasting look.

Emma and Ed (2)

Central to their living room is the gallery wall, featuring photographs of them, family and their beloved pets. With Ed a graphic designer and Emma an art therapist, this substantial and very personal visual statement shows their love and appreciation of creativity.

Gallery walls are an incredibly effective way of injecting personality into any room and they make it so easy to show off your style. Mixing up the textures, colours and shapes of the frames helps to create a quirky look, even if the artwork is similar. If you want to head down a simpler route – create your own colour palette and mix and match stylish prints or family photos.

Tip: Have fun with a gallery wall! They’re easy to refresh if your tastes change, and you can switch up your artwork with prints, or even wallpaper. 

Emma and Ed (3)

If you (like Emma) have an exceptional trinket collection, they’re a feature waiting to happen. Small accessories can be styled and placed on fireplace mantelpieces, shelves and side tables or many more spots to turn any surface into a decorative one. Mix and match with antiques or simply style them on their own.

Ed and Emma’s home is a wonderfully blended reflection of their two styles and the mix of simple lines and eclectic style has created a welcoming, homely feel. We love how both of their personalities shine through in their quirky, stylish space!

Shop Ed and Emma’s look >

How to Make the Most of the Last Summer Nights

Dunelm Outdoor Dining

With the light nights of summer coming to an end and the cooler temperatures moving in, we want to make the most of those pleasant evenings while we can. Whether you prefer relaxing in the sun or hosting garden parties, we have tips and tricks for everyone, whatever your summer style.


Enjoying the garden wouldn’t be complete without hosting one of the last BBQ’s of the season. Get your apron on and impress all your guests one last time. If you need inspiration, check out our favourite burger recipe here >


With daylight hours ending earlier, it’s easier to enjoy dinner al fresco at a scenic picnic with a beautiful sunset backdrop.

Dunelm Summer Nights UGCDunelm Summer Nights UGC
Instagram Style: Left @theleicester5, Right – grey_home_interior

Read Outside

Instead of binge-watching your favourite TV show (hey, we all do it) grab a chair and get comfy in the garden with a great book. If you feel like a change of scenery, try heading to your local park.

Long Walks

Head out for an hour or two to your favourite walking spot and enjoy the great outdoors. Not only it is it good to be active and breathe in the fresh air, you might be lucky enough to catch a glorious sunset (we can’t get enough of them).

 Dunelm Summer Nights UGC (2)
Instagram Style: Left – @bellatesoriblog Right – @eelayres


If a long walk isn’t quite enough, be at one with nature and hit up your local camping spot, even if it’s just for a night or two. It can be a great way to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Games Night

From active games like frisbee, badminton and football to classic board games like Monopoly and Cluedo. Invite your friends round and have the ultimate game night, hosted in the garden.

However you choose to spend your summer evenings, our biggest tip is to just make the most of it! Enjoy the warm summer nights with friends and family before winter nights arrive.

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How to Make the Most of Freshers Week

Dunelm Student Kitchen

Freshers’ week is the time you move to your chosen University, where you meet new friends and have the chance to join in with lots of exciting activities before the hard work of degree studying begins!

Moving away from home to University can be a nervous time for everyone, so we have created a list of top tips to help you make the most of your freshers’ week.

Top tips for getting to know your flatmates

  • Try making dinner together, after all, what’s a better way to bond than over delicious food. Not only will you get to know new people through cooking together, but you may also try new food dishes that you have never had before.
  • A great tip to make sure you don’t get lonely or feel isolated is to invest in a doorstop. Having your bedroom door open invites your roommates to get to know you, instead of awkwardly wondering whether you should knock on someone’s door.
  • Organise a movie night. You can bring your favourite snacks and drinks, and make a comfy cinema room in your lounge with cushions and throws. This could be a perfect opportunity to invite other flats in your accommodation block.

Dunelm Freshers Cushion

  • Go to the activities and societies fair at your University. It’s a place where you can find a new sport to play or a hobby you want to learn as well as a great way to meet new people, make friends and learn a new skill.
  • It’s likely your student’s union will organise a pub quiz, and it’s a great way to have fun and to socialise.
  • A great way to break the ice on your first night when no-one knows each other is to play games! Beer pong (or anything-you-fancy pong) is a freshers essential and a pack of cards are always handy to have. Everyone you meet is likely to know a different game, but please drink responsibly!

  • And finally, fancy dress during freshers’ is a must. Don’t worry if you don’t have a whole costume cupboard, there are lots of quick and easy options to save you from a last-minute panic. You can create a simple toga costume with a white bed sheet and a gold headband, or make your own hair garland with faux flowers for the perfect festival themed outfit.

Remember, have fun, be safe and enjoy!

It’s best to sort out the practical stuff before the fun begins. We’ve got everything you’ll need to make the move to halls, right here > 

How to Add a Splash of Colour to Your Home

Fancy a room refresh but don’t have the budget or time? Updating your decor couldn’t be easier, with some strategic use of colour. It’s an approach that works with practically any room and any style, and not only adds a focal point but is an easy and low-commitment way to add personality into rented spaces. Here are our top tips for refreshing your space with a pop of colour…

Cushions & Throws

Switching up the cushions or throwing a bright blanket on your sofa is a simple way to add a splash of colour to your sofa. If you have a neutral base, pretty much any colour goes, but if you already have colour in your furnishings, try a complementary shade for maximum impact.

Gallery Wall

Nothing refreshes a room like creating a gallery wall. They are the ultimate mix and match wall decor, and you can have lots of fun with different coloured frames, and vibrant pictures, prints and photographs. Read our tips on how to create a picture-perfect gallery wall here.

Faux Flowers

Real flowers are beautiful, but they just don’t last, and  plants can be  hard to care for, so try faux flowers instead. They take no looking after, will last forever, and they’re easy to mix, match and rearrange to make your own flower display in vibrant colours.



With rugs providing warmth, texture and a cosy under-foot feeling, a bold colour choice is perfectly practical addition to a plain room in need of a quick refresh. With so many designs to choose from you, might get a serious case of too much choice, so check out our blog post on the whats and whys of rug shopping before you begin.

Bold Accessories

From smaller functional pieces to home decor, colour can easily be added to any room through accessories. Try swapping your plain white towels to colourful or patterned alternatives, add a lamp with a lot of character, or update bookshelves and windowsills with interesting vases with lustrous finishes and reactive glazes.


Statement Furniture

If you’re feeling bold, furniture is a great way to incorporate masses of colour with one or two ‘look at me’ items. Sofas in vibrant shades are a unique way to add colour, while statement chairs can be added to an existing furniture arrangement to liven things up.

Feature Wall

Painting a whole room in a bold colour can sometimes be too much on the eye, so instead, chose one wall to turn into a feature  and create the focal point you want, without overpowering everything else.

Dunelm_Colour_Voyager (1)

Introducing… Dunelm’s Trends for AW18

Dunelm AW18 5A Accessories

From Art Deco influences to contemporary Japanese-inspired designs, we have a style for every home this season. Grab a cuppa and let us introduce you to our four seasonal trends for autumn winter 2018…


Zen is our contemporary, casual story for autumn winter and is inspired by Japanese motifs and a mood of mindfulness.  Featuring a clean and simple colour palette of black, white and indigo, Zen is complemented by highlights of gorgeous greens, breezy blues and natural materials.

We’ve introduced playful panda motifs onto textiles, including cushions to add some monochrome to seating or beds in a fun, versatile way. Ink effects and watercolour patterns are also seen throughout this trend with complementary bamboo and nature-inspired accessories adding to this relaxed theme.

Dunelm_AW18_Zen_BathroomStyling tip: Store towels on a leaning towel rail for a smart but casual storage solution.




Inspired by high fashion catwalks, Auburn is a traditional autumn story with a glamorous finish. Traditional patterns like oak leaves and acorns are replaced with exotic acers and tropical fern motifs, for a modern twist on a classic.

Throughout Auburn you’ll find a warming colour palette of claret, red and rust, with glimmering highlights of metallic gold foil. We’ve complemented this look with copper accessories, velvet textures and parquetry patterned furniture.


Styling tip: Incorporate autumnal tones and copper detailing alongside neutral bedding




Our Homestead trend brings together a beautiful colour palette of dusky pinks and greys with hints of moss green and mustard, and accessories that mix antiqued floral prints and lace-inspired glass for a delicate, pretty finish.

Sheepskin is a huge trend for autumn winter and they beautifully into our Homestead trend,  draped over oak wood furniture, and layered up for a cosy, homely feel.


Styling tip: Tapestry style rugs aren’t just for the floor, hang it from the wall for a stylish focal point


5A Fifth Avenue


This season our 5A collection has returned to its roots with a Manhattan loft inspired look. An Art Deco influence and animal prints  can be found throughout on textiles, and statement accessories.

Our autumn winter edition of 5A easily blends with pieces from previous seasons, and continues to build on the glamorous modern aesthetic with mirrored furniture and accessories, beaded embroidery and feather accents.


Styling tip: Make a statement with bold accessories like the 5A Jaguar Lamp

Shop the trends > 

Now we’ve introduced you to our trends we want to hear your favourites. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we can’t wait to hear from you! #mydunelm

How to Stay Cool In the Summer Heat

Dunelm Summer Cool Fans

Being British, we all have something to say about the weather and it isn’t always positive. It’s either too hot or too cold and we’re known for moaning about it. With summer here and the UK hotting up, we’ve compiled our top tips and tricks to help keep you cool, day or night…

Pull It Together

Blackout blinds and curtains are a great way to keep the heat out, as their special thick lining blocks out the sun’s warming rays to help keep your room cool. Closing your blinds and pulling your curtains together in the daytime will keep the heat out, especially if your room faces the sun all day! Try it and you’ll be surprised by how well it works.

Top Tip: If you suffer from hayfever why not try using a Pollergen fabric on your curtains, it will decrease the amount of active pollen that can enter your room, resulting in a restful nights’ sleep. Just ask one of our colleagues in store for more information.

Dunelm Summer Cool Blackout Curtains and Blinds

Light Snacks

Digesting food uses a lot of energy and generates body heat, so eating a big meal will only make you feel hotter. Try eating small amounts of cold food throughout the day. Salads, sandwiches and cold pasta are a great option because they are light and filling.

Number One Fan

No AC? No problem. Grab a fan and point it towards the window, this way it will push all the hot air out, instead of circulating it around the room. Alternatively, fill a shallow pan or bowl with ice and put it in front of your fan. It’s a low-cost and genius way of creating your own AC.

Dunelm Summer Cool Fans


As we sweat from the heat we lose a lot of water, and as dehydration can be dangerous, it’s important to keep hydrated. Drinking water is the obvious choice, but why not get creative by making frozen juice lollies? Not only will they be cooling, they have a high water content too.

Choose Cotton 

Cotton is a naturally breathable fabric and will keep you cool in the summer heat. We’re not just talking about bedding here either – opt for lighter clothing fabrics too. If you are going outside, don’t forget how important it is to use SPF protection.

Cool Off at Night 

Low tog duvets are essential during the hotter months, but we also have three dedicated product ranges to help you keep your cool this summer.

Cooler Than Memory Foam

Dunelm Summer Cool Quilts and Pillows

With its low heat retention, this Cooler Than range is cooler than standard memory foam, thanks to an airstream pad that allows air to circulate easily.

Gel Fusion

This range is infused with gel particles that help to absorb body heat, keeping you cooler for longer. Ventilation holes are used throughout the foam, to increase airflow and breathability.


The Miracool range has an instant cool-touch fabric which lowers in temperature you while you sleep but won’t leave you chilly thanks to a premium knitted cover for extra comfort.

Shop Duvets and Pillows >

National Picnic Week 2018

Dunelm Picnic Benches

With National Picnic Week on the horizon (15th – 24th June), we’re celebrating and encouraging family get-togethers, picnics and enjoying the outdoors with our top tricks, hacks and recipes. Grab a blanket and enjoy making the most of the wonderful sunshine this summer.


The key to a great picnic is preparation, so make everything you possibly can before you head out, this should save you from any extra trips to your local shop or deli. Homemade sausage rolls are always a winner!

Top tip: Stuff pitta bread with salad – it takes up less room as it’s already prepared

Dunelm National Picnic Week Kilner Jars


Don’t forget to plan how much food you will need. Think of it as equivalent to lunch, and how much food you would normally prepare for your family. The more you take and don’t use – the more you’ll have to carry back!


An obvious picnic staple is a picnic blanket, but for ultimate comfort and relaxation, bring along some cushions too – they’re great for a lie-down.

Ditch Paper Plates

Paper plates are easy-to-use but plastic cutlery and paper plates are bad for the environment. Try melamine plates and trays instead, the bonus is that they’re reusable but they’re super chic too.


Mason Jars

Store your salad, jams and condiments in mason jars. They’re super handy, easy to transport and they won’t spill.

Top tip: Store desserts in mason jars, cheesecakes are a great option


Skewers are the ultimate picnic food, not only are they easy to make, you can add whatever you want! For a bit of extra fun for the kids, let them make their own skewers – just bring a selection of salad, vegetables and ham, or whatever you fancy!


Dunelm LA Bench Set

Have Fun

Most importantly have fun! Picnics are a great way of enjoying the outdoors and spending time with loved ones. Just remember the below non-edible essentials:

Don’t Forget

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Cream
  • Napkins
  • Wipes
  • To take your rubbish with you

For when you can’t get outdoors, check out our top tips to create the perfect indoor setup