How to Create a Picture-Perfect Gallery Wall

If you’ve seen our TV adverts lately, you might have spotted the lovely gallery wall that forms a key piece of the Edwards family’s Nottingham home. Alex and Gethin have used their gallery wall to brighten up their decor while showing off treasured family memories, but there are really no rules when it comes to customising your gallery.

We’ve gathered together our best tips and advice for creating your own gallery wall below, and there’s more good news – If you’re not so handy with a hammer, there are lots self-adhesive picture hangers that are easy to apply and won’t leave any marks if you change your mind about placement.

Now, on with the advice…

Dunelm 5A Living Room

Choose the Wall

The placement of your gallery wall is an important factor. Decide how big you want it to be and where you want it to sit. Then you can plan your approach. Landings are often an overlooked placement for gallery walls, or perhaps you have a large living room that would suit a striking feature wall?


Find Your Art

Whether you fancy displaying unique platters you’ve picked up from an independent store, or eye-catching 3D wall art, you need to collate your collection and decide on your theme. You can also opt for the traditional approach of frames and prints, or even family photos.  If you struggle to find the perfect print, try wallpaper instead – a quick and simple way to update a frame. The choice is yours.




Dunelm Gallery


Frame It

Frames are an essential part of any gallery wall, opt for simple frames all in the same style or switch it up with different styles and colours for a creative mismatched look.



Before you go nail happy with the hammer, you need to visualize the space first. Trace around all of your frames with paper and stick it to the wall. This will avoid making more mess than necessary and will allow you to play with shapes and placement.


Dunelm Elements Gallery

Time to Hang

Now comes the fun part, it’s time to hang your prints and see your picture-perfect gallery wall! Start by hanging the largest piece first, or if you don’t have a statement frame – group together two frames, this will give the illusion of a bigger statement piece.



Gallery walls take up a lot of space in the home, so the balance needs to be right to stop your room being overwhelmed. Hang your statement piece at eye level (around 150cm from the floor) and place supporting photos around it. Hanging your frames in a sharp line with at least 3cm apart will stop them looking cluttered.


And finally, the biggest tip and trick is to have fun with it! Gallery walls are so easy to switch up. You can refresh frames or switch out prints without having to start over.



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