Create Their Dream Hamper

Hampers used to be restricted to food and drink, but the best things about them is that you have full control over what goes in to them! Food hampers continue to be a great Christmas gift (we’ll never say no to a nibble) but we’re loving the trend of turning any interest into hamper material. A hamper is a great way to present a group of smaller gifts into one appealing concept, and they make a real splash from a visual perspective. People love foraging around to find what’s inside!

Pre-packed hampers exist, but where’s the fun in that? We love piecing together the perfect combination to suit our family and friends, whether they love entertaining or taking their time in the tub.

Hamper Ideas for Him

We’ve created the ultimate ‘a bit of everything’ hamper for men, combining practical gifts like a screwdriver (in a novelty case for fun), DIY plane kit to keep them busy, and slipper socks to keep them warm and comfy. We’ve also added a soap on a rope, which looks like a practical gift but is secretly pampering, and a chalkboard mug that he can write his drink requests on. Chocolates are a given for most gifts, so don’t forget to throw in something sweet too – some cheeky liqueurs will go down a treat.

Hamper Ideas for Her

For the ladies our lives that like to pamper themselves, we’re using a bath rack instead of a traditional hamper to make the packaging part of the gift. Pretty clever if you ask us 😉

Again we’re gathering a bit of everything that would make a bath (or shower) more of a treat, and while we’re including the essentials like nice smelling soap and exfoliating gloves, we’re also thinking about ambience and adding a candle, and some Prosecco truffles to snaffle while they soak.

Thank You Hamper Ideas

If you’re staying at someone else’s home, it’s always nice to give them a thank you gift, and a hamper of shareable items is the perfect way to show your appreciation. We’ve chosen some sweet nibbly bits like gourmet popcorn, fancy shortbread and Baileys truffles (because in chocolate form even the drivers can enjoy a few), and a fun music quiz to get toes tapping and perk everyone up during the post-dinner slump.

There are infinite options available to you when it comes to gift hampers, and we’ve made it easy to start with our Christmas Gifts and Hamper Kits.

(P.S. We also have some pre-filled hamper options if you’re short on time.)


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