DIY Gifts: Sewing Jar

If your friends and family are crazy about crafting, they’ll love this handy homemade gift. As any budding crafter knows, holding onto those tiny bits and pieces is key to a smooth running project, so having a lovingly made home for their hobby essentials will go down a treat.


  • Kilner preserving jar (£3)
  • Small amount of cotton poplin fabric (£6/m)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Toy filling (£3.50/250g)
  • Card/Felt
  • Ribbon (£3.50/roll)
  • Gift tag (£1.50/pack of 12)
  • Sewing kit products to fill the jar: scissors, thread, ribbon, measuring tape, pins
  • Optional: Rustoleum spray paint

Time Taken: 20 minutes

Cost: approx. £10-£15 per jar – depends on products put into them.

How to:

  1. Using the inner section of the lid of the jar, draw a circle on the fabric about a cm and a half larger than the lid.
  2. Roll a handful of toy filling into a ball and sandwich this between the fabric and the jar lid. The easiest way to do this is to lie the outer lid on a flat surface, place the fabric on top, followed by the toy filling. Push the inner lid onto the toy filling and lift the outer lid. This will push the toy filling out to create your pin cushion. Pull the edges of the fabric to tighten.
  3. With the hot glue gun, secure the fabric to the base of the lid.
  4. To cover all the edges, glue a circle of card to the back of the lid.
  5. Fill your jar with any sewing products you want to. We’ve used some embroidery scissors, a measuring tape, black and white thread and some hand needles.
  6. Add a bow and gift tag and you’re ready to give your gift
  7. Optional extra: spray the outer part of the lid with Rustoleum spray paint in a complementary colour to add more colour to your project

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