DIY Santa Sack

Our simple sew-it-yourself instructions make it easy to create homemade Santa Sacks that can be customised to suit the recipient or the size of the gifts you’re giving. As they’re made from fabric they’re far more flexible on fillings that paper bags and you won’t need to employ any precision Tetris skills to fit your parcels inside.

What you will need:

  • Cotton Poplin – £6/m
  • Sewing machine – From £80
  • Thread – £1
  • Ribbon or herringbone tape – From 75p/m

How to make a Santa sack:

    1. Lay out your fabric and measure the size of bag you want. Allow for seam allowance (approx. 1.5cm) if you want your bag a specific size and add on 7.5cm for the drawstring channel. Our bag is 42cm x 47cm (excluding the drawstring) so we cut out two rectangles of 45cm x 54.5cm.
    2. Put your two rectangles right sides together and pin in place. Make a mark 7.5cm from the top of your rectangles. This is where the drawstring channel will start. Sew around from the mark on one side to the mark on the other. This will create the basis of your bag.
    3. Fold over the seams and press with an iron, include the fabric above the marks which hasn’t been stitched.
    4. Stitch from the top edge of your bag, down just below where your first seam is and back up the other side. This will hem the channel for the drawstring.
    5. Fold over the top edge then fold over again about 3cm to create the drawstring channel. Pin in place and stitch.
    6. Feed the ribbon through the drawstring channel and you’re done! Fill with goodies and put it under the tree!

Find your fabric and sewing essentials right here >


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