From Drab to Fab: How to Transform a Student Room on a Budget

Take your room from drab to fab, with our top tips on how to make your student accommodation extra comfy and completely YOU-unique.  From cool and casual boho to smart and sophisticated monochrome, we’ve got your style sorted.

It’s safe to say that university accommodation isn’t always the most inspiring of spaces. When your bedroom doubles as a study space, dressing room, chill out zone and dining room, it can be hard to make it feel like home (and even harder to keep it clean)! But don’t worry! As we’re sharing our must have items that will have a big impact on your home-from-home even on a budget.

Beautiful Bedding

In a beige box room, bedding is the perfect way to inject a bit of personality and colour. Not only are there plenty of designs and colours to choose from, but it’s something you’ll be needing anyway so won’t take any more valuable space in the car. Try and choose a reversible bedding set, as it’ll give you the option to switch things up if you get bored of one design. And with our duvet sets starting from just £10, it won’t break the bank either.

Cuddly Cushions

While not an essential, throws and cushions provide that final finishing touch that make even a messy bed look made. Use texture and patterns to add depth and draw attention to your bed and away from that pile of laundry in the corner. They also provide extra comfort for when you ditch the desk and decide to work from bed.

Let There Be Light

Small table lamps and hanging fairy lights are a really easy and affordable way of adding warmth to a dull and uninviting student room. Not only do they create a cosy atmosphere but the right light can act as additional decor within your room. Fairy lights are great for jazzing up a boring headboard, hanging photos from or drawing attention to a pin board. Meanwhile table lamps can add some interest to your bedside table or desk for a more put-together look.

Family Photographs

While you may think that you won’t miss your parents while you’re at University, when homesickness strikes you’ll be glad you brought those cheesy family photographs. Keep it cool by mixing Polaroid photos with old ticket stubs and inspirational imagery on a pin board. Alternatively protect your precious items in a memory box or photo frame.

Memory Mug

While you may want to buy a lot of new and fresh things for university, avoid buying a new mug and bring your favourite from home. Always original and with a unique story to tell, your mug will help you feel at home despite your new surroundings.

Plants: Friend or Faux?

Plants are not only great for the environment but inject life and colour into dull and drab spaces. Pick a pot that works with your colour scheme for that stylish finishing touch. Worried about feeding yourself let alone a plant? Opt for a decorative artificial plant for the same affect but less commitment.

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