Garden Furniture for Every Space

From balconies to acres of greenery, no matter how big (or small) your garden is, there are ways for us to all enjoy the outdoors as the weather warms up. The trick to making the most of your garden is to find furniture that not only suits your lifestyle but your space.


Apartment living can be great but the lack of outdoor space can be frustrating. While a nearby park may be lovely for an afternoon walk, it’s not always the ideal location for that Sunday morning coffee while you read the paper. Create your own outdoor retreat with a small two seat bistro set. Find a set that is compact and sturdy, but also lightweight so that it can be folded away for neat storage when not in use. The flexibility of the bistro set you choose will make or break how much you use your balcony, so look for practicality as well as style.

You can also save space further by using hanging planters or a small trellis instead of traditional plant pots that take up a lot of floor space. Alternatively bring your garden indoors with a small kitchen garden. Herbs are relatively easy to grow and maintain, and can also be used when cooking.

Small Gardens

While your garden may be small it still provides you with a lot more flexibility than a balcony. Choose between a stylish bistro set or a compact four seat set depending on your needs. If you go for the larger four seat option, the same rules apply as when buying furniture for a balcony: look for something small that can be easily stored, whether that means being folded and put into a small shed, or under a cover during the winter months.

Depending on the size of your petite garden you may also have room for a small BBQ for outdoor entertaining. Just remember that things look smaller in the shop than they do at home, so that six burner gas BBQ probably won’t fit. If in doubt, measure your garden and compare that to the dimensions of the product you are looking at. Just remember bigger isn’t always better.

Medium Gardens

As your garden gets bigger your choices increase and with a medium sized garden you tend to get the best of both worlds; style and size (and space without huge upkeep). But the increased amount of choice won’t necessarily make planning your garden any easier, so take your time and think carefully about how you would usually use your garden, and if there’s anything else you’d like from it.

  • Love entertaining? If so, a six seat dining set will give you room to host and lightweight chairs can be easily moved around to make seating arrangements flexible. Don’t forget an umbrella to provide some shade during those midday garden parties!
  • Want an inside experience, outside? If you spend a lot of your time relaxing in the garden, it may be worth investing in a comfortable garden sofa. With a sturdier frame and padded cushions they provide a more permanent relaxing outdoor arrangement than a dining set.
  • All about the kids? With young children running around you may want to reserve as much room as possible for them to play. Save on space with a practical four-seat set or a stylish bench set for family meals.

Large Gardens

Make the most of your space by breaking it up into different areas or smaller zones with distinct functions. The benefit of zoning is that it will work with gardens of all shapes and sizes, so don’t worry if your garden is an odd shape. Having a large garden means that you don’t have to prioritise or compromise like you might with a medium garden, so you can have a zone for everything! Perhaps you would like to have distinct adult and kid friendly areas? Or an area for dining and another for relaxing? Consider your lifestyle as well as personal style, and keep a consistent theme to tie the whole garden together.

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