Whether it is the humble jam sandwich or a traditional cream tea, having the right jam is key.

And what better way to serve up the classics than with some fresh, homemade preserves?

We’ve put all our tips and tricks in one handy place to tell you everything you need to know to kick start your jam and preserve making season.

The equipment

Our Kilner collection is perfect for supplying you with everything you need:

The recipe

If it’s your first time making jam, it seems only right that you begin with the classic – strawberries.

Our simple strawberry jam recipe is perfect to help you keep the flavours of the summer lasting long after the season is over.

Sterilising and sealing your jars

A key part of the process is sterilising and sealing your jars to ensure their contents stays as fresh as possible.

Follow these straightforward Kilner instructions to help you get it right.

Experiment with flavours

If strawberries aren’t your thing, try something else.

You could try combining different berries, mixing up citrus flavours or using your own homemade or local produce.

Just get creative and test out what fruits work well together. You never know, you might discover a new family favourite.

Top Tips:

Whatever flavours you go for, it’s useful to remember the following:

  • You need equal amounts of fruit and sugar.
  • 1kg of fruit with 1kg of sugar makes roughly 4 jars of jam.
  • Add lemon juice – this will help prevent the growth of bacteria and help your preserves set.


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