How To Make Advent Calendar Bunting

Opening a tiny door to find a cute picture or chocolate is great, but why not make it more personal and create your very own advent calendar bunting? We’ve used hessian fabric as our base with a collection of red, gold and green to brighten it up, but crafting your own Christmas advent calendar bunting means you get to personalise it however you or your kids want it – different fabrics, more ribbons, more sparkle… make them your own!

You will need

  • Scissors
  • Glitter felt roll (Green, Red and White)
  • A selection of ribbons and trimmings
  • Hessian fabric
  • Glue gun
  • Fabric marker
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting mat

How to make advent calendar bunting 

Start by laying out the hessian and cutting it into equal rectangles – we suggest 9cm x 15cm sections, but you might want to change this depending on the treats you’ll be putting in the pockets. Measure equal sections and mark them with a light-coloured pencil, then carefully cut these out using fabric scissors. You will need 24 rectangles in total.

Fold each rectangle upwards, leaving a 5cm gap at the top, then use a glue gun to carefully glue the left and right edges together to form a pocket. Repeat this on all 24 pockets then set aside.

Print out a set of numbers from 0-9 onto card or thick paper, and cut the numbers out to form templates for your glitter numbers. Using a cutting mat and a craft knife or scissors, carefully cut out your advent numbers from 1-24 from your glitter felt (or whatever fabric you fancy). We have alternated red, white and green through the numbers, but you can use any colours. Set these to one side.

It’s time to decorate your pockets, and we chose three designs to repeat throughout out bunting.

  • Gold Trim with green ribbon bow
  • Red sparkly ribbon
  • Green sparkly ribbon

Once you have decided on your designs glue them onto the pockets, and add your numbers.

Once your pockets have dried, lay them out in a row in order from 1-24. Take the widest red ribbon and measure a length long enough that all of the pockets can fit. Place each pocket on top of the ribbon so half of the width of the ribbon is still visible. Leave around 1cm between each pocket, and carefully glue gun them into place. Add another layer of glue to the top of each pocket as well as the exposed ribbon, then fold the red ribbon over to cover the join.

To create the loops to hang your bunting, take around 10cm of hessian ribbon and glue together in a loop, trim the ends of the red ribbon so there’s no excess, then attach the hessian loop to the reverse of the ribbon using the glue gun.



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