DIY Boo-tiful Bat Bunting

If you’re looking for some simple make-at-home decorations that you can reuse every year, you’ve found them! Our cute bat bunting will make a great addition to your home’s Halloween look whether you’re aiming for just a hint of a haunting or a grand gothic makeover.

How to make bat bunting

You will need:

  • Black felt (50p/sheet or £5 a roll)
  • Ribbon (£1.50/roll)
  • Hot glue gun/needle and thread

Time taken: 1 hour

Cost: £3 (for 15 bats)


  1. Print out our template or draw your own. Glue them to some card to make drawing around them easier.
  2. Trace around the templates onto the felt using a white or silver gel pen or some tailors chalk and cut them out. Alternatively, use some sticky tape on the back of the templates to hold it to the felt while you cut. We got 5 bats from one piece of black felt.
  3. Tie a loop at the end of your ribbon and leave about 20cm before gluing your first bat. If you don’t have a glue gun, they can also be stitched to the ribbon. Continue gluing (or sewing) your bats along the ribbon until you are happy with the length or have used all of your bats! Cut your ribbon and tie another loop at the end. Make sure to leave another 20cm between the last bat and your loop.
  4. Hang your bunting and be spooky!

If you don’t fancy having bats as your bunting why not try ghosts or pumpkins. All 3 designs are available on our template.

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