Quick Tips for a More Mindful Space

Peace and tranquillity can be hard to come by in this age of endless notifications, which is probably why the matter of ‘mindfulness’ is on the rise. Mindfulness is the practise of being present and aware in the moment, which is hard to do when you’re worrying about your to-do list, or if your environment doesn’t feel calming. We’re here to give you permission to take a break, and a handful of tips to help boost your wellbeing.

Add storage and de-clutter

A messy room will probably weigh on your mind as something you ‘should’ sort out. Take care of it now and you’ll be able to relax – and make sure your storage works for the space, so keeping it in order is easier in future.

  • Have a place for everything, like magazine rack for your newspapers and glossies, and a storage basket for excess throws.
  • Be smart with your space – our Fulton Coffee Table opens up to reveal hidden storage.
  • Tidy home = tidy mind. You can now relax with clear surfaces and a clear mind.

Display things that make you feel good

Surround yourself with happiness-inducing items and you’re more likely to feel positive – they key is to only choose things that you have a meaningful connection with to make sure their mood boosting qualities go beyond simply ‘having stuff’.

  • Try hanging inspirational quotes in frames to keep you motivated.
  • Recalling happy memories can help to keep your mind positive, so display sea shells from your favourite holiday, photographs from your birthday drinks, or anything else that brings you joy.
  • Add some plants – even faux ones will do! Green is soothing on the eye and a plant presence is said to be very therapeutic.

Prioritise mealtimes

Have you heard the phrase you are what you eat? What if how you eat has an impact too? Mealtimes shouldn’t just be about refuelling – it’s a great opportunity to take a break from everything else that’s going on.

  • Take the time to stop what you’re doing and sit at the dinner table to eat your meals.
  • Sitting up properly to eat aids digestion.
  • …It’s also good for mental wellbeing.

Create a cosy corner of calm

Having somewhere that’s dedicated to calming activities (like reading, drawing, meditating etc) will help you avoid the distractions that pop up in your everyday areas. It could be on the landing, in the living room or beside your bedroom window – anywhere that’s just used for a bit of you-time.

  • Pick your place and add mood lighting
  • Use candles or diffusers to give the area a soothing scent
  • Add a comfy bean bagel to relax on – the casual seating will help you settle into a laid-back mindset.

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