Quick Tips for Hosting Christmas Guests

Chances are, Santa Claus isn’t the only one dropping in this Christmas, and hopefully just like Mr Claus, their visits will be scheduled so you can make some preparations. Whether it’s family or friends, we’re sure they’ll be grateful that you’re offering them an overnight stay, but as it’s the season of giving, why not give them a pleasant surprise with a few thoughtful touches to make them feel pampered.

Here’s how to be the host with the most:

Add festive touches

You’ve probably sorted the main areas of your home long before your guests arrive, but don’t neglect your guest room. A few decorations here and there will make sure they’re surrounded by festive cheer.

Add extra cushions to their bed, as they’re great for letting your guest reach the comfort level they want. Festive colours or designs will help bring the decorations together nicely.

Light a gorgeous scented candle ahead of their arrival so the scent has time to fill the room. It’ll give a great first impression.

Put together a welcome tray

Even when guests are told to help themselves, it can still be a bit awkward tip-toeing to the kitchen in the middle of the night. Think ahead and leave your guests a carafe of water and glasses in their room will ensure they stay hydrated without any hassle.

You could even decorate the tray with personalised baubles. They don’t need to be anything extravagant and you won’t need any calligraphy skills – our DIY kits are really quick and easy to use.

Make cute gestures

Use a chalk pen to write a welcome message on a mirror in the room, something as simple as welcoming them by name, wishing them a nice stay or sharing your WiFi password without them needing to ask will show you’ve made a special effort to make their stay pleasant. It’s also simple to remove if you have something difference staying soon after!

Bathroom essentials

This one is particularly effective if your guests are staying for more than one night. Being able to relax with a nice soak in the tub, no responsibilities and all the luxuries of home will take you to new heights of hosting.

Like the welcome tray in their room, create a relaxation station that’s just for guest use. Provide calming bath salts, a loofah and swap your bar of soap for a soap dispenser, and keep a supply of bathroom essentials like cotton wool balls and buds in plain sight to anticipate any needs they might have.


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