Sleep Easy with a New Generation of Mattresses

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and a good, restful sleep is essential in setting you up for a healthy, happy, productive day. Everyone experiences a bad night’s sleep now and then, and if you’re lucky it is just an occasional blip that leaves you tired but able to power through with a little extra caffeine. However, if you find yourself regularly sleeping badly, you’ll quickly notice your well-being dip. There are lots of ways to improve your chances of getting enough good-quality sleep,  but getting the foundation of your sleep surface right is absolutely essential, and that means a good quality mattress.

Say hello to Halo and Aura by the sleep experts at Fogarty. Developed from years of sleep know-how, these supportive mattresses combine the best of foam and spring technology to contour to your body for optimal support, pressure point relief, and night-long comfort. All cleverly compressed, boxed and delivered to your door.

Meet the mattresses


Premium Memory Foam, From £299

5cm cool memory foam

4cm memory foam layer

Revo cool foam layer

Fresche® Bioscience treatment



As Fogarty’s signature memory foam mattress, the Aura brings together four elements to provide lots of comfort and support.

The top layer is the sleep surface, which has been treated with a trademark anti-allergy and anti-microbial Fresche® Bioscience treatment, to protect against dust mites and bacteria growth – essential for a clean and healthy sleep environment.

Overheating can cause broken sleep or even make it hard to get to sleep in the first place, so beneath the surface is a 5cm layer of patented ‘open cell’ memory foam designed to help air flow and keep the temperature comfortable.

Then a dense 4cm layer of memory foam provides essential support and relieve pressure points, followed by a 16cm base layer of foam, designed with special channels to improve the support, performance and lifespan of the mattress.

Lots of sleep science and expert craftsmanship has been put into this memory foam mattress, so that you can enjoy a great sleep on a soft, sumptuous surface.


Perfectly Natural, From £349

Quilted natural fibre layer combining wool, silk and cashmere

Revo cool foam layer

Purotex® anti-microbial and anti-allergy treatment

3000 responsive pocket springs

If you want to find yourself in sleeping seventh heaven every night, the Halo could be the one for you. Featuring seven layers of pure sleep know-how brought together in one innovative, supportive and comforting package, the Halo hybrid foam and pocket sprung mattress goes all out to help you achieve a heavenly night’s sleep.

Another of Fogarty’s signature mattresses, the perfectly natural Halo model starts with a supportive foam base, layered with 1000 mini pocket springs for flexible and reactive support. Then comes more support foam, a second layer of 1000 mini pocket springs, ‘open cell’ memory foam designed to increase air flow and temperature control, and a deeply quilted layer of hypoallergenic filling.

This is all topped off with a quilted, all-natural sleep surface made from an indulgently soft blend of wool, silk, cashmere and cotton, which has been given an invisible coating of anti-allergy and anti-microbial Purotex® treatment to keep your sleep space fresh and healthy.


Try them for 100 nights, commitment-free

We want you to have the most restful and comfortable night possible, so when you buy either of these dreamy mattresses, you’ll have the chance try them before you commit. We don’t mean a quick nap either – once you’ve registered your sleep trial you’ll have up to 100 nights to test it out. If you decide it’s not for you at any point during the trial, we’ll happily take it back and give you’re a refund.


Did we mention they’re boxed?

That’s right, all this amazing sleep technology delivered to your door in one compact box. Because of the unique foam construction and ultimate flexibility if the Halo and Aura mattresses, we can roll them and compress them and vacuum seal them into a neat box without impacting them in the slightest. When your mattress arrives at your home, open the bag (don’t use anything too pointy) and let it expand. It’s an incredible sight, but as it take about 48 hours to reach full size again you might want to find something else to do while you wait.


Intrigued? Find out more about our Fogarty mattresses here >


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