How to Stay Cool In the Summer Heat

Dunelm Summer Cool Fans

Being British, we all have something to say about the weather and it isn’t always positive. It’s either too hot or too cold and we’re known for moaning about it. With summer here and the UK hotting up, we’ve compiled our top tips and tricks to help keep you cool, day or night…

Pull It Together

Blackout blinds and curtains are a great way to keep the heat out, as their special thick lining blocks out the sun’s warming rays to help keep your room cool. Closing your blinds and pulling your curtains together in the daytime will keep the heat out, especially if your room faces the sun all day! Try it and you’ll be surprised by how well it works.

Top Tip: If you suffer from hayfever why not try using a Pollergen fabric on your curtains, it will decrease the amount of active pollen that can enter your room, resulting in a restful nights’ sleep. Just ask one of our colleagues in store for more information.

Dunelm Summer Cool Blackout Curtains and Blinds

Light Snacks

Digesting food uses a lot of energy and generates body heat, so eating a big meal will only make you feel hotter. Try eating small amounts of cold food throughout the day. Salads, sandwiches and cold pasta are a great option because they are light and filling.

Number One Fan

No AC? No problem. Grab a fan and point it towards the window, this way it will push all the hot air out, instead of circulating it around the room. Alternatively, fill a shallow pan or bowl with ice and put it in front of your fan. It’s a low-cost and genius way of creating your own AC.

Dunelm Summer Cool Fans


As we sweat from the heat we lose a lot of water, and as dehydration can be dangerous, it’s important to keep hydrated. Drinking water is the obvious choice, but why not get creative by making frozen juice lollies? Not only will they be cooling, they have a high water content too.

Choose Cotton 

Cotton is a naturally breathable fabric and will keep you cool in the summer heat. We’re not just talking about bedding here either – opt for lighter clothing fabrics too. If you are going outside, don’t forget how important it is to use SPF protection.

Cool Off at Night 

Low tog duvets are essential during the hotter months, but we also have three dedicated product ranges to help you keep your cool this summer.

Cooler Than Memory Foam

Dunelm Summer Cool Quilts and Pillows

With its low heat retention, this Cooler Than range is cooler than standard memory foam, thanks to an airstream pad that allows air to circulate easily.

Gel Fusion

This range is infused with gel particles that help to absorb body heat, keeping you cooler for longer. Ventilation holes are used throughout the foam, to increase airflow and breathability.


The Miracool range has an instant cool-touch fabric which lowers in temperature you while you sleep but won’t leave you chilly thanks to a premium knitted cover for extra comfort.

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