This Morning LIVE, May 2019

If you were lucky enough to grab a ticket to the This Morning Live event at the NEC Birmingham this year, you probably left a calmer, more centred person with a new level of understanding for what self-care can be.

The theme of the 2019 event that took place over 4 days between Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th May was ‘wellbeing’, which has become the hot topic of the moment. A host of vendors across all aspects of life come together for this 4 day spectacular to promote what wellbeing means to them, their customers, and perhaps you – from eating well, to healthy thinking, simple fitness tips to boosting your confidence with comfortable, flattering clothing, make up tips to enhance your natural beauty, and of course Dunelm’s thoughtful home.

The first thing you notice about the This Morning Live event is the buzzing atmosphere – there’s always something to see, hear, try on or test out, and the air is filled with chatting, laughing and exclamations. It’s a joyous place to be, and everyone is very excited to catch a glimpse of Phil and Holly, and the This Morning family! Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long as we were treated to a sneak peek behind the scenes before the show went live on air at 10:30, when the hosts did their teaser for the show, then a short 10 minutes later filming started and everyone craned their necks for a chance to wave at everyone back home.

Attendance was just as broad as the shopping opportunities and handy advice available on the day, with couples, groups of friends, mums and daughters and grandmothers alike, all hoping to catch the sight and sound of some of that Phil and Holly chemistry, and learn more about what they can do to help their wellbeing grown.

There are lots of routes into wellbeing which was reflected in the vast range of vendors at the event, each one with a real passion for their products and enthusiasm for sharing what they know with other people. From essential and practical self-care like physical activity and a nutritious diet to quick and easy mind-calming techniques that are a great addition to your mental toolkit, self-confidence boosters to soul-warming comfort food and comforting home touches.

The lovely Kelly Brooke stopped by to admire our ‘Mindful Home’ display.

Dunelm’s thoughtful home display took the mindfulness trend to broader places, by not only considering how you might create a soothing and serene sanctuary to recharge your batteries, but being more selective in the things we buy for our home. Taking a cue from the popular ‘joyful or useful’ philosophy of owning ‘stuff’, our compact apartment style display demonstrated how much character and function you can squeeze in if you choose the right pieces for your home and lifestyle. There were also lots of practical elements to help unlock a more mindful, calm home life, like smart storage in for less clutter in every room, blackout blinds and natural fibre bedding to aid comfortable sleep, and kitchen options that get rid of single use plastics and make recycling as easy as possible.

All in all, a fantastic weekend that left every guest with that warm, comforted and well-informed feeling that we all get from watching Holly and Phil daily!

Find out what we and This Morning are talking about this week, right here.


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