Why A Rug Is Your Next Must-Have Item

More and more people are opting for wooden or hard flooring in their homes, which means rugs are an increasingly essential part of the decor. Not just handy for comfort, they can also hide a multitude of sins, from fine scratches from pets and moving furniture to bigger marks and imperfections that are forever on the to-fix list.

Rugs offer lots of benefits – noise reduction, added warmth and a soft, cosy feeling beneath your feet to name just a few – but style will undoubtedly factor in your rug decision making.

Can’t decide which rug is for you, or not sure you really need one? We’re here to help.

They’re fabulous decor-enhancers

Add some colour

Rugs create a lush, soft surface, but they can also give a quick update and refresh the colour scheme in almost any room. Use your chosen rug as the basis of a new colour theme or use it as a finishing touch to add a pop of colour and bring the room together.

Create zones

If your home has an open-plan layout, you can use rugs to create clear zones within different spaces. Create a defined dining area with a large rug under the table and chairs, or create a visual divide between living and dining spaces by placing a rug under a coffee table in front of your sofa.

Brighten a dark room

Dark flooring paired with limited natural light can make a room appear even darker. A rug in a lighter colour will break up the shady tones and make a room appear bigger and more airy. Patterned rugs will also work to break up block colour flooring, with the added bonus of not showing up every spot of dirt.

Be flexible

A rug can finish off a look, but it can be the inspiration behind a revamp too. There’s a wealth of colours and patterns to choose from, so finding The One shouldn’t be too difficult. A rug’s flexibility is one of its major selling points, so you could find yourself treating your flooring to a quick perk-up and end up building a new colour scheme around it, or moving it between rooms as your needs change. If you’ve having second thoughts about your floorboards or old carpet, rugs also offer a great temporary solution to revive your flooring.

They can show off your style

Add fluffy artwork to your floor

Rugs come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes, fabrics, patterns, textures and colours. Don’t be afraid to go bold, make a statement and brighten up plain or neutral decor. Placing furniture over a vibrant design will take the impact down a peg, so bear this in mind if you’re worried about going for something more unusual.

Have fun experimenting

Test out new textures and sizes, and try a mixing them together to add warmth and some new and interesting dimensions to your decor. Try not to go too small with your rug size as this might have a shrinking effect on your room. Bigger is usually better, and don’t be afraid to place your furniture over rugs too. Your living space should blend!

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They’re really practical

Hide your flooring imperfections

When it comes to minor flooring disasters – hide it with a rug! Scratches, stains, marks and blemishes are out of sight and mind with a discreet rug over them. It only works for superficial damage though, you still need to fix any major flooring issues that could result in tripping hazards otherwise you’ll have an accident on your hands.

Provide some protection

Hard and wooden flooring can be costly to replace, so protecting your floors with a rug can be a cost-effective approach to save yourself some money long-term. This is especially true of high-traffic areas like hallways, dining areas and walkways through rooms. Not only will a rug protect from wear and tear to your flooring, but they are also great for protecting from other minor damage.

Make cleaning less of a hassle

Rugs are so much easier to clean than an entire floor, all you need is a once-over with your trusty vacuum to remove any dust and crumbs that might be trapped in the fibres. Alternatively, when the weather allows, hang your rug outside and beat the dust out.

Turn the volume down

A rug that covers a larger area will significantly reduce the noise in the room. Unlike hard flooring, rugs are able to absorb sound, which is particularly helpful if you have exposed wood flooring upstairs. Goodbye clattering feet, hello peace!

Help your allergies

Fibrous surfaces are known to trap allergens in the home, so you might think that carpets and rugs are bad for allergy sufferers. However, recent studies have proven otherwise – carpets and rugs can actually be beneficial to allergy sufferers because of their allergen trapping abilities. The allergens get caught in the fibres, therefore keeping them out of the air in your home (and making them easier to get rid of during cleaning). If you or your family members suffer from allergies and don’t have any carpet in your main living areas, you may find adding a large rug may improve things.

They add warmth and comfort

Snug as a bug

It’s no surprise that rugs are much softer than hard flooring, but they also hold insulating value. Adding a cosy rug will help lock in warmth, especially during colder months.

Not all of us swap from shoes to slippers as soon as we in get in, and walking on hard flooring isn’t the comfiest feeling. Adding rugs to key areas will feel much softer and warmer under your feet. If you’ve got little ones, they’ll appreciate a rug too – especially any tiny tots who are just learning to crawl and walk.

Create a welcoming area for guests

As the midway space between the outside world and your home, porches, hallways and entrances can be an awkward space to style, but you can’t go wrong with a welcoming doormat. Your guests will be able to wipe their feet before entering your home, which will make you and them feel relieved since there won’t be any muddy footprints on your nice clean floor.

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With so many reasons to get a rug, if you weren’t already in the market for one, we’re sure you will be now! Head over to Dunelm.com to browse our huge range of rugs in all sorts of sizes, colours, and styles.




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