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                Brita Fun Jug



                Brita Fill & Go Pack of 3 Micro Discs


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                Brita Fill & Go Vital Blue Bottle


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                Brita Maxtra+ Pack of 6 Universal Filter Cartridges



                Brita Maxtra+ Single Universal Filter Cartridge



                Brita Maxtra+ Pack of 3 Universal Filter Cartridges


                was £15.00

                Brita Elemaris XL Black Water Filter Jug with Cartridge


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                Brita Marella Annual Set



                Brita Classic 3 Pack of Filter Cartridges


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                Our range of Brita water filter jugs and accessories has been specially developed to ensure you and your family are not only drinking enough fluids but are enjoying the best quality water for your health and well-being. After enjoying the experience of tasting crisp, clean Brita filtered water, you may never go back to unfiltered tap water again. Plus, using filtered water in hot drinks and food allows the full flavours and aromas to be released.

                Here at Dunelm, we offer a selection of classic Brita water filter jugs to choose from. They may vary in style and colour, but all are specially designed with the unique Brita filtration system that helps soften tap water to make it healthier and more palatable. With more than 45 years of experience in this field, Brita has developed a filtration system that not only helps to reduce the limescale in water, but also the chlorine and metals absorbed from your plumbing, such as copper or lead.

                For a Brita filter jug that suits your kitchen and your personality, choose the Marella model, available in a selection of colours. Or pick our classic Brita Fjord model, which fits neatly inside the fridge, allowing you to have ice cold water to hand whenever you want it. Alternatively, consider the Brita Elemaris jug, which uses advanced technology to combat water hardness in three separate ways.

                Here at Dunelm, you can also purchase a selection of Brita filter cartridges in a variety of pack sizes. Using Brita cartridges and filter products means you can enjoy the cost efficient use of tap water in the home with the peace of mind that most of the chemicals and sediment have been filtered out.

                Brita jugs are made of high-quality materials and, as the inventor of the household water filter, you know that by purchasing a Brita product at Dunelm, you are investing in a brand you can trust.