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      Get acquainted with Dylon’s colourful range of dyes and treatments to keep your clothes and home fabrics looking fresh, bright and in top condition. From dyes, paints and whiteners to stain and colour run removers, Dylon offers a comprehensive selection of products to allow your creativity to let loose while protecting your clothes and fabrics from lasting colour damage.

      Dylon machine dyes

      Dylon machine dyes are the ideal solution for revamping tired fabrics and faded clothes. Available in a wide range of colours, from jet black and emerald green to china blue and powder pink, Dylon fabric dyes are a cost effective way to refresh old clothes or give fabrics around the home a makeover. Dylon dyes can be used on a variety of materials, so whether you want to give your curtains a new sheen, change your towels to match an updated bathroom, or simply restore an item of clothing to its original hue, you can expect the best possible results. Additionally, explore Dunelm’s range of Dylon fabric paint for a fun and creative way to customise your fabrics with your own vibrant designs.

      Stain and colour run prevention

      Introduce Dylon whiteners, stain removers and colour run prevention sachets into your washing routine to ensure that clothes and fabrics stay looking fresh and bright for longer. Effortlessly preserving and protecting your essential items, Dylon’s range includes Dylon Colour Catcher and Oxi Hygiene, which can be used in the washing machine to tackle even the toughest of stains, as well as Dylon White ’n’ Bright Spray, a bleach-free solution for grubby collars and cuffs.

      Household tasks made easier

      Dylon also offers useful products to help with everyday chores. The Easy Iron Spray helps your iron glide over fabrics, smoothing out even the most stubborn creases, while the Dylon Washing Machine Cleaner descales, cleans and freshens your machine to keep it in top working condition.

      Discover the Dylon range today for everything you need to keep your fabrics looking fresh.