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        Keep your home spick and span with E-Cloth’s range of innovative cleaning products. From daily chores like washing-up and dusting, to specific tasks such as cleaning the coffee machine or clearing the grime from windows, the E-Cloth collection provides a solutions to a variety of household tasks.

        Chemical-free products

        E-Cloth cleaning products are unique in that they do not employ any chemicals in order to remove bacteria. Clinical research has shown that the innovative design of E-Cloth’s special fibres trap 99% of bacteria where they remain until the E-Cloth product is rinsed with warm water, allowing you to remove bacteria, dirt, grease and dust with E-Cloth mops and cloths while keeping your home chemical free.

        Add an E-Cloth dusting wand to your home and tackling those hard to reach spots such as behind the radiators or around roof beams becomes simple. With a specially designed sleeve you can remove and run through the washing machine, the E-Cloth cleaning and dusting wand can be used time and time again, saving you money on cleaning products.

        Give your floors the E-Cloth treatment with the collection’s deep clean mop. This item can be used on ceramic, stone, wood and laminate flooring - all you need to do is add water to ensure a sparkling finish.

        E-Cloth tea towels

        E-cloth tea towels are made from special fibres which absorb four times as much water as a regular cotton dish cloth, allowing you to dry your dishes faster and your tea towel to last longer before it needs a wash. Available in a selection of colours, E-cloth towels additionally remove any smears on glass or crockery as you dry, so you can rest assured that your dining set will be looking its best.