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          Terraillon TP1000 Black Slim Glass Electronic Scales



          Terraillon TX5000 Clear Glass Electronic Bathroom Scales



          Terraillon Scan Body Fat Analyser



          Terraillon T61 Mechanical Bathroom Scales



          Terraillon T500 5kg Traditional Kitchen Scales



          Terraillon T500 5kg Traditional Black Kitchen Scales


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          Hanson Scales

          Add a luxurious and practical appliance to your bathroom or kitchen with Hanson’s high-quality weighing scales. Whatever your personal style, there will be a set of Hanson scales to complement the look of your home.

          Hanson bathroom scales

          Hanson bathroom scales are the perfect choice for the whole family. There are many different models of Hanson weighing scales available: from ultra-modern transparent Hanson digital scales to the classic traditional style of Hanson HNEO scales.

          Ranging in price and style, there is sure to be a set of Hanson bathroom scales to suit your budget. Why not come and see for yourself?

          Hanson kitchen scales

          A reliable set of kitchen scales is a homeware essential. Hanson kitchen scales offer accuracy, great style and ease of use, all at an affordable price.

          Take the Hanson Happy Cook electronic scales. The sleek Hanson digital scales have an easy-clean glass platform and simple digital screen, with an attractive red strip to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. The Hanson digital kitchen scales can convert easily between metric and imperial measurements, so you can use recipes in grams, ounces, fluid ounces or millilitres with ease.

          If you want a vintage look, the H500 Hanson traditional kitchen scales will be perfect for you. These Hanson mechanical scales have a clear dial showing both kilograms and pounds and ounces, and a bright red needle for easy readings.

          If it’s time you invested in some new weighing scales for your kitchen or bathroom, why not take a look at the selection available at Dunelm today?