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      Thermos has been producing high-quality insulated vacuum flasks and mugs since 1904. From picnics and packed lunches to sporting activities and long walks, a Thermos flask filled with hot or cold drinks is all part of the fun. The contents of Thermos flasks remain at a steady temperature, so you can stay refreshed, hydrated and ready for action.

      Thermos products are great whatever the weather. In colder months they can be filled with hot tea, coffee or soup and used as a winter warmer, while in the summer they are great for keeping drinks chilled and extra refreshing when the temperature soars.

      Thermos flasks

      Thermos flasks use clever technology to ensure that drinks remain icy cold or steaming hot for hours on end. Hot drinks such as tea and coffee tend to change taste when reheated, but Thermos flasks keep drinks hot and ensure that the original taste of your favourite drink is not lost.

      Thermos food flasks

      A Thermos food flask makes transporting hot and cold food even easier. With an extra wide mouth, a Thermos Food flask is simple to fill, serve from and clean after use. It also comes complete with an insulated lid which doubles up as a serving bowl.

      When you buy one of our Thermos food flasks you will also get a full-sized folding stainless steel spoon, making it even easier to eat any meal when you are out and about.

      Thermos travel mugs

      A Thermos travel mug makes it easy to drink on the go. Whether you're commuting, shopping or travelling, a Thermos travel mug will make sure your trip is that little bit more enjoyable – and your drink is just right. Take a look at all the Thermos products available at Dunelm today.