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Faux Fur, Real Luxury 

It's fashionable, luxurious, and just as a faux fur coat will give your outfit a shot of richness, faux fur accessories will do just the same for your decor. And just like in the fashion world, faux furs come into their own when the temperature drops. 

Something faux everyone

Once you've locked eyes with the soft and fluffy finish of a faux fur accessory, it's almost impossible not to stroke it, and it's not uncommon for that strokability (if that's a word) to turn into a full-on snuggle session. Those long, supple strands make faux fur a great asset in autumn and winter when our natural instincts are to hunker down with thicker and cosier textures, and with our range of colours and styles we're confident we've got something to suit your decor. 

Throw something on

A faux fur throw is the most versatile of the bunch, and we recommend that you lavish them on every surface, seat and around your shoulders so they're ready to go when you're feeling chilly. Whether you want to add an extra layer of warmth to your bed with a sumptuously supple natural-looking fur, drape something sweet and pastel-toned on your favourite seat, or wrap yourself up like a furrito on the sofa (that's a faux fur burrito if you're wondering), we have a wide range to let you do just that. 

Grow your collection

Since our fabulous faux furs are such a hit, we've extended our cuddly options to include rugs, cushions, hot water bottles, and faux pelts (great for pretending you're a burly hunter), which means it's now easier to try the faux feel in your home a little at a time. The question is, can you ever have enough fur? Your pets probably have their own supply, but that doesn't mean they won't love our sumptuously soft faux fur pet beds! It's furry fun for the whole family. 

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