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How to Hold Off on the Heating 

Central heating isn't exactly the cheapest way to keep your home cosy, so to help you keep cosy while also keeping costs down, we've got some practical physical tips and cheeky psychological tricks to feel cosy without heating. 

To maintain a comfortable temperature, we need to two-pronged approach of creating/keeping warmth and stopping it escaping (or any draughts sneaking in). 

Probably the least sexy option out there but undeniably effective if you've got any gaps under door frames, draught excluders are long cushions sit at the bottom of doorways to block any cold air sneaking in or warm waltzing out.

Unless you go overboard with the candles (which we don't recommend for safety and practicality reasons), you won't get a great deal of warmth from them, however, they will give off a little bit of heat, and they do help to create a warm look. That flickering amber is a cosy sight and make everything a wholesome, pleasant glow, but if candles aren't practical for you, choose some cosy side lighting like a floor lamp or table lamps, to bring the brightness level down to a warming glow which (combined with other practical methods) will contribute to an overall cosiness. 

Call us and our hundreds of rugs biased, but there are very few rooms they can't enhance. They feel nice under your feet all year round, but in winter they add extra warmth, and we're not just talking about laminate, lino, tiling and hardwoods. Yes, if you have non-carpeted floors a rug will make a huge difference in warmth and softness, but adding a rug to a carpet will also make an impact particularly if you go for a completely different texture. Carpets naturally compact over time so that once soft surface might not be so soft anymore. Introducing a rug, particularly a shaggy long-pile rug, gives a sink-in sensation that will keep your feet warmer. 

Slippers and socks are a must-have so you've got something warm to slip in to after being out all day, and at night time keep your slippers next to your bed so they're easy to find in your sleepy morning haze, and feel the benefit of snug soles as you shuffle to the bathroom.

More Ways to Stay Cosy

Swap your 'normal' lined curtains to thermal curtains and you'll reap lots of invisible benefits beyond a new look for your window. Thermal curtains provide maximum insulation to keep warmth in and cold out, forming a barrier to draughts, and essentially tucking your room in for the night. 

Whether it's in the living room of bedroom, you'll never regret having a throw or blanket to hand. Ideal for those times when you want a little extra warmth on the sofa, we've also been known to wear our blankets while moving around the house so we can maintain our bubble of contended cosiness. Where you'll really feel the benefit is on the bed, where you can add a throw or two to tailor the right amount of warmth on a daily basis to make sure you feel just right. 

If you really want to step up your blanket game, go electric. If you're prone to feeling the cold or want a way to avoid using the heating or a space heater in your bedroom, get an electric blanket and never look back. Pretty much plug in and go, they can heat up in as little as 5 minutes, cost as little as 1p a night, and have a bunch of features like auto turn-off timers, the ability to heat left and right sides separately, and being machine washing friendly. 

So that's it, our master plan for keeping warm even on the chilliest days. Nothing big, nothing crazy, just a few little changes here and there that all add up to a much warmer home. Do you have any warming tips you swear by?

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