Bath Buying Guide

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Bath & Change Buying Guide

While the big decisions come elsewhere, there's still a lot of options that you'll need to think through when it comes to keeping little one clean.

Reusable or disposable nappies? Baby bath or in the tub with you? We've laid out all the options so you can easily pick which one suits your lifestyle best.

Still looking for a helping hand or some nifty tips to make bath time easier? Visit our blog Bump, Baby & You for sound advice from our experts.

How do you bathe a newborn?

It can be daunting to wash a newborn for the first time, but don't worry - just follow some simple rules and it'll be as stress-free as possible.

The golden rule - never ever leave baby unattended in the water. If you’ve forgotten something, take them out, and take them with you.

Gather everything you need for bathtime before you undress them, and check both the water and the room is at the right temperature - it should be gently warm but not hot or cold, between 36-38°C is ideal.

Avoid using lotions, oils or creams in the early days as they can dry out delicate newborn skin.

Have towels and snuggle robes within easy reach, so when you've finished, you can simply lift your fresh little bundle up for a cuddle!

Your bathing options

Top & tail bowl These are recommended for newborns as tiny babies don't actually need much washing - just a quick clean over the nappy area, hands, face, neck and creases with some cotton wool and cooled, boiled water once every few days (avoid using any oils or creams at this stage as it can dry out delicate newborn skin). A top and tail bowl keeps baby washing tidy and hygienic.
Baby bath You may find it easier to use a baby bath than the full size tub, as it helps your little one feel comfortable and safe and the rounded shape means it's easier to hold and support them. It's still important not to leave them unattended, though - and these little baths fill quickly, so be sure to get everything organised before you start to fill it up with gently warm water (between 36-38°C).
Bath seat Once baby can sit unaided, a bath seat makes the perfect piece of bathing kit. Once safely secured to the bath with suction pads, these help make bath time fun and are suitable up to around 12 months old. Again, it's important not to leave them unattended around water, even in one of these seats.
Bath mat Splashing is fun, slipping is not - so for toddler bath time, a bath mat can make a practical addition to your bath time collection. These provide a safe, anti-slip seat for little bottoms, and they come in a range of options, from extra-long for two children to mats that have heat-sensitive dots to help you get the perfect bath temperature. Just remember to air it and clean it regularly to avoid mould.
Cuddle robe Even the most experienced parents can have a bit of a challenge on their hands when drying a wriggling baby! A cuddle robe can be a great solution, just pop it on your lap before you lift them out of the bath and then snuggle it around to get them all warm and dry.


Choosing whether to go for disposable or reusable nappies has become a big decision for new parents, and while there's no right or wrong answer, we think it helps to hear the pros and cons for both sides so you can decide which works best for you and your lifestyle.

Disposable nappies There's a whole host of disposable nappies on the market these days, with variations for every requirement and budget. Disposable nappies are more convenient than reusables, but can be more expensive in the long run and are more harmful to the environment. Our award-winning just4bums nappies are exclusive to Kiddicare and are gentle on skin and offer great leak protection. There's also Eco by Naty nappies which are kinder to the environment than some other disposable nappy brands.
Reusable nappies Babies get through an average of around 5,500 disposable nappies by the time they’re potty-trained, so while the initial outlay is larger for reusable nappies, you’re likely to spend less in the long run. There are two types of reusable nappies - all-in-one nappies with a combined inner and outer layer, and two part nappies, which have a machine washable cloth nappy inside a waterproof outer cover. We sell both all-in-one and two-part reusables, so you can choose which is right for you.
Changing mats Whichever option you go for, they still need changing! You'll probably need two changing mats, one for at home and one for on-the-go. At home, go for a padded wipe-clean mat with raised edges. While out and about, look for something foldable, or a changing mat that comes as part of a changing bag. Remember if you're changing little one on a raised surface, never leave them unattended.
Nappy disposal system If you’re going for disposables or reusables, you’ll have lots of nappies to deal with - so having somewhere to put them and save their distinctive odour from reaching the rest of the house will be vital! Disposable nappy bins use either a flap to contain the contents and contain the whiffs, or a twist system that seals each nappy. Most of them use cartridge refill liners, so don’t forget to stock up on these. Our reusable nappy buckets come with a close-fitting, lockable lid.

Bath & Change Accessories

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Bath thermometer

Baby bath temperature should be around 36-38°C, which is cooler than your own bath and can be difficult to guess. Take any risk out of it with a bath thermometer that can double check safe warmth.

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First toothbrush

Teething is a tricky time, but introducing them to brushing as soon as their first tooth appears can help give them good dental habits for life.

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The parent's secret weapon! Stock up on baby wipes as you'll use them for everything from changing time to cleaning sticky fingers and faces while out and about

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Muslin squares

Mainly used during feeding (and as shoulder protection while winding!), it's always worth keeping clean muslins to hand so you're never caught short.

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Bath toys

Rubber ducks, pirate boats, squirty sharks - bathtime just isn't the same without bright, colourful bath toys that bring fun to the water.

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Bath tidy

All the colourful toys and bathtime kit can turn your bathroom from calming to cluttered! A bath tidy can help you keep things under control.

Do's & Don'ts


  • Check the water temperature before you bath your baby, it should be around 36-38°C.
  • Have everything to hand before bathtime starts.
  • Use a bath seat or bath mat to prevent any slips.


  • Worry about bathing a newborn every day - a quick top and tail will do to avoid drying out their skin.
  • Bathe your little one when they're hungry or tired.
  • Take your hand away from baby while they’re in the water.