Pushchair Buying Guide


Pushchair Buying Guide

With hundreds to choose from, it can feel overwhelming, but don't worry – we'll help you choose the perfect pushchair for you, your baby, your lifestyle and your budget.

Choose the perfect pushchair for you

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A classic pushchair is a great all-rounder: sturdy, comfortable, good around town, easily transportable and generally suitable from birth to 15kg.

Great for… those looking for a multi-purpose set of wheels

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Buggies & Strollers

Generally suitable from 6 months, strollers are lightweight, compact and easily maneuverable, perfect for those living in towns and cities or for taking on weekends away and holidays.

Suited to... smaller homes, travel and using on public transport

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Travel systems

An all-in-one flexible package with everything you need to travel by car. These usually include a pushchair and a car seat, and some of them have a carrycot too. Great value for money and perfect for drivers as you just clip the car seat onto the pushchair chassis and off you go!

Ideal for... those who frequently travel by car

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Traditional style prams mean the baby lies flat and looking up at you for the first six months, and then can be switched into pushchair mode so they can see the big wide world. Some pushchairs do have compatible car seats available, but make sure you check the dimensions as they are bulkier than some other models.

Great for... spacious homes and country walks

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The trendiest of the pushchairs, the lightweight and easy-to-maneuver 3-wheeler was made for adventure.

There are two types available:

- All-terrain air tyres for off-roading or power-pramming

- Moulded tyres for city-friendly use

If you'll be using it in the car a lot, go for one with car seat adaptors and quick release wheels for maximum compactness.

Ideal for... style seekers and keeping fit with baby

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Twins & Doubles

Got more than just one little one? These side-by-side seats mean your kids can keep each other company. Usually suitable from birth to 15kg, these don’t typically have car seats or carrycots available as add-ons, but do make a great choice if you’re short on storage or boot space.

A great option for... people with more than one child, even at different ages

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With seats one in front of the other, tandems have less width than doubles so they’re arguably easier to maneuver and fit through doors. They usually have one newborn seat at the back and another seat at the front that’s suitable from six months, with options for carrycots and car seats depending on your requirements.

Ideal if you have... more than one child of the same or different ages.

Things to consider...

Out & about

Will you be travelling by car often?

Consider opting for a travel system. Designed to make life easier and quicker, they come with a car seat that simply attaches to the pushchair frame, meaning you won’t have to wake a sleepy baby when moving between car to pushchair and vice versa. Make sure you check the folded size though – remember you need it to fit into your boot!

Will you be travelling on public transport often?

If you'll be getting out and about on planes, trains, trams and buses, think compact and lightweight. Go for a buggy or stroller with a carry handle, and look for one-hand steering and folding as these can make all the difference! Bear in mind that baby needs to lie flat for the first six months, so if you're shopping for a newborn pushchair, you'll need a full recline model or carrycot.

Will you be walking a lot?

Go for something sturdy with large wheels, then consider the terrain. Will you be navigating city streets and pounding the pavement? Opt for something lightweight with swivel wheels. Going over rougher ground or live in the country? Baby will thank you for an all-terrain model with suspension. If you’re tall, look out for adjustable handles to save you hunching over, and if you’re an all-weather walker, choose a warm pushchair with a footmuff.

Top tip

If you'll be sharing pushing duties with somebody else, try and involve them in the shopping process you both want to be comfortable with the height and legroom, and of course, know how it works.

At home

Will your pushchair fit?

Grab a tape measure and check how wide your doorway is, and also consider where you'll be keeping it – will it fit? If space is at a premium, a compact pushchair that's freestanding when folded is a lot less bulky than a travel system, although it will mean you may have to disturb a sleeping baby when returning home. Also remember if you'll be squeezing it into a lift every time you head home, you'll need to check these dimensions too.

Will you be carrying it up steps?

Baby in one arm, bag over your shoulder, keys in your mouth... carrying a pushchair can require a lot of multi-tasking, so if you'll be lugging it up steps, go for lightweight and collapsible.


Will you need to buy add-ons and accessories?

Take a look at the checklist of add-ons here and see which you'll need for your lifestyle. Then, check whether these are included or if you'll need to buy them separately, and of course if they're compatible with the pushchair you've chosen.

Will your family grow?

If you're considering more babies, go for something sturdy that'll go the distance. If your little ones will want to ride together, consider a pushchair with the option to add a double kit so they can ride in tandem, or one that's compatible with a ride-on board for toddlers.

Will you love it in the long term?

Pushchairs are a hefty investment that you'll spend a lot of time with, so it needs to be something you truly love. Read online reviews, watch product videos, take it for a spin, check (and double check... and triple check...) you know how to fold it and that it fits everywhere.

Add-ons and accessories

Baby bags Everything but the kitchen sink (and sometimes even that, too) will be piled into your baby bag, so you need something that's practical, but also that you're happy to carry about from A-Z. Some even have fab features like insulated bottle holders, extra pockets for organisation and built-in PVC changing mats.
Carry cots Used from birth to six months, a carrycot can transform a pushchair into newborn-ready wheels! Most have a coordinating hood and apron – just make sure you check it's compatible with your chassis.
Rain covers Some pushchairs come with rain covers, but if yours doesn't, there's a choice of options. Some even come with UV protection and a storage case.
Travel bags Heading off on holiday? A sturdy travel bag made for your pushchair will protect it from bumps and scratches, perfect for planes or if you're putting it into storage.
Travel system adaptors Attaching your car seat securely can help put your mind at ease – our range of connectors, adaptors and mounting kits can keep little one safe.
Ride on boards Little legs get tired, especially when seeing their baby brother or sister getting a ride. Ride on boards are suitable for children aged 2-5, weighing up to 20kg, and let them hitch a lift easily as the board simple attaches to the chassis, and away you go!
Sun protection Some pushchairs will come with a sun visor, but full protection is a must for little travellers. Whether you go for an adjustable arm parasol or mesh sunshade, invest in a sun-proof solution.
Seat liners Wipe clean, temperature-regulating, made of snuggly fabric... seat liners add some extra comfort to the pushchair, and our range will stay firmly in place, keeping baby cosy and comfy!
Pram & pushchair toys Keeping baby warm can be tricky in the cooler months, so wrap them up with a cosytoes or padded footmuff – many of them come with easy-to-unzip liners to make it even easier.
Other accessories It’s the little things that make a big difference - whether it’s cup holders, bag hooks, head support cushions, bumper bars, baby weights to counterbalance your shopping bags and more… there’s a whole host of clever additions to make your travel system work harder for you.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Make time for research - Watching product demo videos online and reading the instructions can take a little time, but it'll be worth it when you know exactly how to use all the tricks on your pushchair.
  • Use the 5-point harness for every journey - While it can feel that you might not need it for short journeys, it's designed to be the safest way baby to travel, so make sure you're always using it.
  • Adjust the harness - Babies grow quickly and when we see them every day, it can be hard to believe just how big they're getting! Make sure you're adjusting the harness as they grow to ensure they're always comfy and secure.
  • Keep little fingers safe - When folding and unfolding, there's lots of nooks and crannies for tiny fingers to get stuck in, so avoid any tears by keeping them out of danger.
  • Share the knowledge - Make sure everyone who'll be using the pushchair knows how to brake, fold, open and lock it – it'll save any dramas in the future!


  • Leave your baby unattended - They're quicker and more nimble than you think!
  • Leave babies in car seats - Try and keep it to a maximum of two hours – little backs need to straighten out.
  • Forget to check it - Pushchairs that are only partially open can pinch so make sure it's fully open with the brake on before you let them sit inside.