Kids Baking Set

Enjoy quality time with your children and make tasty treats that you can both enjoy with our kids baking sets.

Smaller than conventional tools and items, our kids baking sets are designed for little hands and creative minds of budding bakers looking to broaden their skills and enjoy learning new techniques from their parents.

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Our kids baking sets incorporate useful culinary tools such as rolling pins, whisks, icing tubes and cutter sets, ensuring they will never be left with nothing to do and can create tasty morsels that they can be proud of.

The perfect way to get your children interested in cooking; awareness of food is essential for leading a healthy and fit lifestyle as they grow. Treat your child to a themed set of utensils to enthuse them about the idea of helping out in the kitchen, allowing them to cook alongside their favourite idols and heroes. Available to purchase online today either as individual items or a full collection, our kids baking sets are the introduction to cooking your child will savour and will soon begin to thrive in the kitchen.