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            Take a look at our comprehensive range of non-stick Circulon pans. From a small Circulon milk pan to a large stock pot, you’ll find long-lasting products that will be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

            25 years of research and innovation have made Circulon’s high-quality cookware globally renowned and trusted. Made from hard anodised aluminium with a patented non-stick finish, Circulon pans are products that you can rely on year after year – which is why Circulon even offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

            Our selection of Circulon pans can meet almost any cooking task. Starting with the essentials, every kitchen should have both the Circulon frying pan and Circulon sauce pan – they distribute heat evenly and their non-stick finish makes them easy to clean. The set of three pans is extremely useful and offers great value for money.

            More serious cooks will make good use of the Circulon sauté pan and chef’s pan, as well as being able to whip up a batch of pancakes using the non-stick skillet. And for chefs who enjoy making their own soups and stocks, there’s the 9-inch stock pot with two sturdy carry handles and a glass lid to retain the heat.

            Circulon Wok

            Fans of Asian cuisine will love using the Circulon wok to prepare a variety of fresh and healthy dishes. With a unique raised circle surface that’s suitable for all hob types, it’s perfect for noodles, curries and, of course, stir-fries. It’s even dishwasher safe, too.

            Browse our range of Circulon pans online today.