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Here at Dunelm, we have a range of curtains to suit any room in your house. We have hundreds of designs and fabric combinations in a variety of different sizes which are all conveniently ready to hang up in your home. As they are an important decorative and functional home accessory, it is essential that you get them right which is why here at Dunelm, we also offer a Made to Measure curtains service.

Bedroom & Living Room Curtains

With your living room being the focal point in your home, we believe it’s important to get your curtains right. We have a range of popular eyelet and pencil pleat curtains as well as net curtains and beaded curtains which are suitable to give you your privacy whilst blocking out disruptive sunlight. To make your living room or bedroom as cosy as it can be for those nights in front of the telly or to get a more luxurious look, we have a huge choice of colours and styles to fit in with your décor including our rich purple and grey curtain sets and our white and duck egg blue curtains. Investing in our blackout curtains for your bedroom means you get a well-rested night’s sleep without early morning sunlight pouring into your room.

Get a Look of Luxury

If the décor in your room is more of a luxurious feel, browse through our luxury curtains in order to achieve a true look of elegance and indulgence. Ensuring you get the right luxury curtains proves beneficial for getting a true opulent look in any room in your house. At Dunelm, we have every design and colour including our lined curtains to suit your style and home décor. As well as looking aesthetically pleasing, our lined curtains help keep out the draught and cold making them a popular choice for many homes around the UK. As well as keeping you warm by blocking out unnecessary cold breezes, our lined curtains also block out annoying light ensuring you have the perfect setting in your home in terms of both lighting and temperature. The range of lined curtains you can find in Dunelm stores are wide enough to meet any requirement you need whether it is a certain colour, style or length.

With us, it couldn’t be easier to breathe new life into any room in your house whether it be your bedroom or living room. We also have a range of matching bedding and curtains as well as matching cushions, throws and home accessories which are ideal to help you create your perfect look.