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              Pots and Pans

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              Stainless Steel Saucepan

              £14.99 - £17.99


              Infinity Copper Base Milk Pan


              was £16.99

              Infinity Copper Base Saucepan

              £16.79 - £19.99

              was £20.99 - £24.99

              Infinity Copper Tri-Ply Saucepan

              £19.99 - £44.99


              Prestige Create Almond Saucepan

              £17.59 - £20.79

              was £21.99 - £25.99

              Brabantia Stainless Steel Saucepan

              £18.19 - £20.99

              was £25.99 - £29.99

              Brabantia Stainless Steel Pasta Pan


              was £49.99

              Hard Anodised Saute Pan


              was £26.99

              Aluminium Open Skillet Pan

              £6.49 - £13.59

              was £9.99 - £16.99

              Non Stick Skillet with Folding Handle



              Swift Non-Stick Wok with Wooden Handle


              was £13.99
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              Pots and Pans

              Get cooking and create delicious homemade meals with our extensive range of pots and pans. Whether you are making a three course dinner or whipping up a quick breakfast, our saucepan sets will enable you to warm a variety of foodstuffs on the hob. For your convenience, our pan sets include a variety of saucepans and frying pans in different sizes, designed to meet all of your cooking needs.

              If you are interested in healthy eating, our ceramic pans, non stick frying pans and griddle pans require less oil to create great tasting dishes. As they also boast a non stick ceramic coating, our Ceracraft pans are a great choice if you are keen to sauté and fry your food. For large portions of oriental cuisine, check out our deep carbon steel wok.

              When it comes to washing up, non stick coatings helpfully reduce the presence of burnt on food, as is the case with our Tefal frying pan and Tefal saucepans. After you have enjoyed your delicious meal, you may also simply place our cast iron grill pan into the dishwasher.

              Be confident of evenly cooked and heated food with our collection of induction pans, or enjoy the coveted expertise behind the creation of our Prestige saucepans. Check out our full range to discover the perfect pan set and saucepans for you and your kitchen. For storage solutions take a look at our nifty pan stands, great to keep your kitchen organised and store your pans neatly and safely.