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              Roasting Pans & Trays

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              Infinity Glidex Small Roaster


              was £9.00

              Pyrex Magic 26cm Rectangular Roaster


              was £11.00

              Thomas Roasting Pan with Rack



              Large Non-Stick Oven Tray


              was £7.00

              Pyrex Roaster


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              Roasting Pans and Trays

              Create delicious and nutritious meals with our range of roasting dishes. Make the most of tasty winter vegetables with a cast iron casserole dish or Pyrex casserole dish, ideal for warming your entire family on a gloomy evening. When it comes to that all important Sunday dinner, produce succulent meats and crispy potatoes with our non stick roasting tray, reducing the presence of burnt on food for an easier session of washing up. You may also be interested in our selection of ramekins, ideal for baking desserts or serving sauces. Whatever your requirements, be sure to browse our complete range and discover the roasting equipment ideal for you.