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                Pausa Espresso Cup and Saucer



                Red Painted Poppy Cup and Saucer Set


                was £2.75

                Farmstead Red Dotty Large Cup and Saucer



                Jenny Mug



                Pretty Pastels Mug


                was £2.25

                Wrendale 2 Mugs and Tray Set


                was £16.50

                Blossom Mug


                White Fox Embossed Mug


                White Owl Embossed Mug


                White Rabbit Handle Mug


                Pack of 4 Art Deco Gold Stacking Mugs



                Elements Royal Blue Stacking Mug


                Elements Ochre Stacking Mug



                Her Ladyship Mug



                Lisse Cream Mug


                Lisse Grey Mug


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                Mugs and Teacups

                At Dunelm we understand there is no better way to relax and unwind than with a steaming cup of tea or coffee. We have therefore developed a range of affordable and stylish mugs and tea sets to help you obtain maximum enjoyment from your favourite hot drinks.

                The increased popularity of coffee shops has encouraged more people to replicate their favourite hot beverages at home. However, not all coffee cups are the same. For those that like an intense hit of coffee, our small espresso cups will do the trick. And for those who like to take longer and enjoy a luxurious coffee break, our cappuccino cups are perfect. On those occasions when only a cup of tea will do, our cup and saucer sets will allow you to warm yourself up without having to worry about minor spills.

                To save room in your cupboards, our stacking mugs will fit neatly onto your countertops, sitting one inside the other within a sleek metallic frame. Our extensive range of china mugs offers the perfect means of personalising your tea break, whilst the warmth instilled by our white mugs will also provide you with an extra reason to smile on even a cold and gloomy day.