Here at Dunelm, we have a variety of lights and light fittings to match perfectly with any room within your home. We believe that having the right ambience, whether you’re entertaining friends in your main living room, or getting cosy in your bedroom, makes or breaks a room.

We have options for your lighting ranging from bedside lamps and desk lamps to bathroom wall lights lights for your living room. We also have a range of spotlight collections and to get the right light whilst you’re cooking up a storm, browse our kitchen lights which will surely brighten up your décor. As well as having kitchen lighting, we also provide a range of kitchen light fittings kitchen light fittings to ensure you have the right fixtures in your kitchen.

Dunelm has a range of pendant lights and lamp shades which ensure you can dress your light bulbs to impress and show off your décor in the best possible light you can.

Once you’ve been wined and dined and cleared away the kitchen, you can retire to your living room to take it easy with some more laid back lighting such as out free standing floor lights which help create the ambient mood lighting that you may be seeking. Reading a good book in bed couldn’t be easier with our bedside lamps and touch lamps for easy reading.

As well as lighting for adults, we also offer a variety of children’s lighting in a wide selection of colours and cartoon designs. To encourage your kids to do a spot of reading before they fall into a slumber, our kids lamps are perfect to place on your child’s bedside table. Invest in one of our kids lampshades to protect their eyes from the harsh glares of a bare bulb. Our football lamps and chime lamps are highly popular options and as well as providing lamps for your young children. We have a wide range of nursery lighting, which are all designed to provide a soothing illumination without posing danger to your baby’s sight.