Beach Towels

Make the most of lounging out in the sun with our luxuriously soft and absorbent beach towels.

Perfect for spreading on a sandy beach, our beach towels are on trend, super soft to the touch and lightweight for packing into any suitcase or beach bag. Whatever style beach towel you choose they will fit right in at the seaside or pool, providing practicallity and style!

More information about beach towels

Our easy to wash, comfortable beach towels are a great addition to a garden sun lounger too, and they can help any chair become super soft without making you hot and bothered while you soak up the relaxing atmosphere of summer in your garden. You don’t have to be at a beach to enjoy plush beach towels. The rising trend of the ‘staycation’ means you can create a holiday vibe right from your very own home, laying out beach towels in the garden to sit on and have a beach style barbecue - definitely something the whole family will enjoy. 

As they are also superbly soft to the touch, our indulgent beach towels will feel wonderful against your skin as you lie in the sun or dry yourself after a relaxing swim. Made from 100% cotton, our resilient beach towels are durable and long lasting. To maintain, simply machine wash your beach towel and tumble dry on a low heat setting.