What is Blackout?

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What is blackout?


What does 'blackout' mean?

Blackout curtains, blackout blinds and blackout linings all perform the same task – they stop light from passing through thanks to special treatments and extra tight woven fabrics to help you control the light levels in your room.

They can be used in exactly the same way as standard curtains, blinds and linings, but are designed to block external lights from entering your living space, making them ideal for use in the bedroom.

What's the difference between blackout curtains, blinds and linings?

Blackout curtains

Available with pencil pleat or eyelet headers, blackout curtains are completed by thick blackout linings to block out light. These drapes fit easily onto a curtain track or curtain pole just as you would expect, and can be used in any room.

Blackout blinds

Roman or roller blind style, blackout blinds are treated with a unique backing to stop light penetrating the fabric. Fit your blinds within a window recess and you can pair them with curtains to create a layered look with a curtain fabric of your choosing, or install outside the window alcove so the edge of the blind is wider than the window, thereby providing full width coverage.

Blackout linings

Available for pencil pleat or eyelet curtains, blackout fabric fits easily to your existing curtains to halt external lights before they disturb your peace, or can be added to new drapes as part of a fresh look. These tightly woven, thick curtain linings are ideal if you love the look of your window dressings but want to boost their performance during the summer time.

If you feel like a change but can't find the new look you want, or your window dimensions are unusual, we also offer blackout curtain linings as part of our made to measure curtains service.

What's special about blackout?

With a wealth of qualities to improve your sleep, treating your bedroom to an elegant pair of blackout curtains or investing in a smart blackout blind could have a big impact when it comes to getting your forty winks.

We tend to associate sleeping comfort with temperature, support and softness, but blackout products bring something unique to the table. Their key purpose is to provide an efficient and effective barrier to stop external light sources from disturbing your sleep, plus a range of other benefits.

Blackout products are naturally best suited for use in the bedroom where being able to control light and temperature levels is imperative for quality of sleep, but blackout fabrics are also great for the living room if street lights or vehicle headlamps persistently shine through your window.

Beyond blackout: what else do they offer?

Light control is the headline story when it comes to blackout, but what else can they do to create a sanctuary of sleep? The special coatings and linings of blackout collection have a triple benefit system, of which the light exclusion that gives them their name is just the first.

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Temperature control and thermal insulation

Blackout products also have the ability to regulate room temperature thanks to the added thermal insulation they offer. Thermal insulation is something we usually associate with keeping warm, and while blackout does offer an effective defence to keep chills out and warmth in when the temperature drops, it also keeps your home from suffering the effects of sweltering summer sun.

Far from a seasonal addition to your home, the special layer of lining or coating used to create blackout curtains and blackout blinds helps to keep your room cool on hot days, making them a handy ally to escape the summer heat. Draw your blackout curtains or lower your blackout roller blind during the day and the coating will create a barrier to the sun's rays to keep your room cool.
Image segment Noise reduction

If you've ever been kept awake by irritating little noises from the street below that pull you back from the edge of blissful sleep, you'll appreciate the noise reduction abilities of our blackout drapes.

The extra thick lining of our readymade blackout curtains helps to dampen noises, contributing further to the peaceful sanctuary you need when you are drifting off to sleep.
Image segment ...and they're ideal for children's bedrooms

Most of our children's curtains come with a blackout lining because it's so important for your little ones to get the sleep they need. Babies and children need more rest than adults because their bodies and minds are still developing.

Our blackout curtains are perfect for creating the ideal sleep environment for your kids, as well as avoiding those 'but it's still light outside' arguments at bedtime in the summer months.