French Furniture

French furniture encompasses all manner of beautiful shabby chic, vintage style furniture.

French style items are the latest trend in the furniture market with everyone craving the pure Parisian style of opulence and class in their homes. Here at Dunelm Mill we have a wide range of French style furniture, each piece is created with the uppermost care and attention to produce a wonderfully distressed yet luxurious appearance. The chic and classic design of these items of furniture is sharply contrasted by the intricate detail of the carved design in order to create a truly vintage looking piece.

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However, the benefits of this type of French furniture is not purely based around the look and feel of the product but also around the practicality, after all, these items are often used in place of standard furniture items such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers. With this in mind it is important to access whether the French furniture item is spacious enough for your needs as you may also wish to purchase a complementary bedside table unit with drawers or invest in a matching French styled dressing table to compl