French Furniture

Add an air of elegance to your home with French furniture. French style furniture is fast becoming a sought after trend in the furniture market, with the Parisian style of the furniture delivering opulence and class to homes.

Add French style to any room in your home

If you’re looking to add some traditional charm to your home when your furniture is looking tired, French style furniture is the answer. French furniture has a light and airy appearance – which is perfect for brightening up spaces.

Here at Dunelm we have a wide range of French style furniture suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms or halls. Each piece is created with care and attention for furniture with a wonderfully distressed yet luxurious appearance.

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Styling your home with French furniture

With so many different Parisian style items on offer we’re sure you’ve already got plenty of ideas on where you’d like to place the furniture in your house. Due to its versatility and design, French style furniture can work well in a number of settings. For example, choosing a French bed and a matching French dressing table for your bedroom can quickly help you to turn it into a luxurious boudoir, while introducing a French armchair into a living room can help to add character and elegance to the space.

Our top tip for achieving the best look with your French style furniture is to keep your space clutter-free as this will help you to achieve that boutique style you desire. Do you want to achieve a flawless style which looks like it is straight out of a hotel room? Simply select one of our complete French furniture collections.

Introduce a few key pieces

An easy way to incorporate French furniture into your home is to start small. Begin by buying a French side table for your bedroom and see where it leads. Selecting a few pieces and gradually expanding your collection will make achieving the look affordable and will ensure you do not overload the space with too many intricate pieces. And because our French furniture is inexpensive – you can achieve a polished look for great value – no matter how many French style items you decide to buy.

Furniture which is practical and glamourous

French furniture is an ideal way to introduce beautiful shabby chic and vintage style in your home. We sell French style furniture suitable for a variety of tastes, from simplistic French style chest of drawers, to French wardrobes adorned with ornate designs.

And although French furniture epitomises glamour, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t practical. Many of our French wardrobes and drawers come with an abundance of storage space – great for decluttering.

Built to last, our French furniture is easy to care for. To ensure you get the best from it, we recommend you simply wipe it clean with a soft cloth which will help you to keep it in the pristine condition it is delivered to you in. Due to its timeless nature, you’ll find that French furniture will be on trend in years to come – making French style furniture a great investment.

Finding the perfect fit for your room

We know you’re probably eager to get ordering your French furniture but before you do we suggest you measure your space – as there’s nothing worse than ordering some beautiful French style furniture and then being unable to get it in the bedroom. As well as measuring the room the furniture is intended for, it’s important you measure the doorways the furniture will need to fit through and any stairways it may need to be carried up. Doing this will give you a good idea of which items are suitable for the size of space you have – so when you’re looking at our furniture you can easily check the dimensions to see if it’s the right fit for your home.

Delivering furniture to your door

Because we offer more than one delivery type we have a service which is catered specifically to delivering furniture. So when purchasing your furniture we recommend you select the ‘Furniture & large items’ delivery option. After placing your order we’ll be in touch to arrange a convenient day to deliver. On the day of delivery, all you have to do is show us to the room you’d like your new furniture positioned in and we’ll carry it there. And once it’s unpacked and in place, we’ll even take any packaging away to be recycled.

Easy returns

We know that sometimes when you get the furniture into your home it may just not be right for you. So if you’ve ordered an item of French furniture and find it’s too large, or the wrong shade for your décor you can return it to us for free. Simply give us a call and arrange one of our easy returns.

Can’t see the item you’re looking for?

If you can’t find the specific item of French furniture you had in mind for your space, don’t worry! We frequently update our product range. We add new styles and designs on a regular basis so do check back.

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