Griddle Pan

Grilling your food with one of our griddle pans is a clever way to enhance the flavour of your food whilst draining away any excess fat and oil, keeping meals healthy and nutritious.

Lifting food slightly off the surface of the pan using griddled markings forms tiny pockets of superheated air, sealing in flavour and heating your food quicker. Our high quality surface on the griddle pan allows a range of utensils to be used without scratching and damaging the non stick feature, ensuring the griddle pan lasts.

More information about griddle pans

To add even greater convenience, the majority of our griddle pans are dishwasher suitable so you can have more time to relax and put your feet up after you have enjoyed your meal. All handles on our griddle pans feature safety enhancing insulation to ensure you don’t get burnt when moving your food around. 

Cook with the peace of mind that you will be receiving a healthy and nutritious meal with minimal fuss afterwards. All our griddle pans are available to purchase online today so you can start creating delicious meals straight away.